Sunday, May 29, 2016



I love the sound of rain
Pat patting the tin roof
Of my wooden house
In the mountains
In Puerto Rico
While I sip coffee
Its aroma blending
With the smell of wet, tropical soil
Roots of plants dance
Trees tango with the breeze
Animals frolic in the rainy shower
While over the ocean
An electric explosion
Creates thunder
In the distance

My imagination paints
A reality that never was
But could still be

It’s possible
Why else have a mind
If not to conceive of artful possibility?

So, I’ll expand my scene
I imagine everyone 
In a special place
Drenched in beauty
Where peace reigns
With no thunder in the distance


  1. Sigh, you took me to that place with the tapping of rain on the roof, and nothing but peace everywhere...........

  2. I do love the sound of rain, and I do want to have the thunder cease... love where you carried the metaphor.

  3. Whistles!! Oh Myrna you have painted such a wonderful scene with your words :D I felt like I was right there with you. Absolutely adore the closing stanza. Beautifully rendered. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support :D :D

    Lots of love,

  4. 'that never was, but still good be...' is the heart of this for me - uplifting writing Myrna...

  5. Love the sound of this,peaceful for all to enjoy!

  6. Love the rain. Don't see enough of it.
    And isn't the fresh rainwashed scent delightful.
    Thank you so much for taking me there.

  7. So important to paint with our imagination....dreaming of peace....I especially loved:

    'Roots of plants dance
    Trees tango with the breeze'

  8. Beautiful!

    Favorite line:

    "...with no thunder in the distance"

  9. There is nothing like being snuggled up inside with a lovedone and hearing the rain patter on the roof. I really loved this poem.

  10. This is definitely the kind of rainstorm I enjoy...the kind where one is drenched in beauty with no thunder in the distance.

  11. Why else have a mind
    If not to conceive of
    artful possibility?

    Exactly Myrna! One braves the efforts to make an impact on creative offerings!


  12. Why else have a mind
    If not to conceive of artful possibility?... oh absolutely!!!

  13. Why else have a mind
    If not to conceive of artful possibility?..oh absolutely!!

  14. Loved this: such wonderful details woven together exquisitely to create a hope: so delicate ... for a moment, one holds one's breath. Beautiful!

  15. "Drenched in beauty / Where peace reigns"...i'm a seeker of this place too...sigh...

  16. Having a mind to conceive artful possibility is perhaps the best thing we can learn to enjoy and use to expand our world - you have made what you can see and feel and hear magical - and given us a hint of how much more wonderful you can paint it in your imagination :)

  17. There is magic in a tin roof and rain. I love how you carried on to the metaphor and agree though I'd hate to think that real thunder and rain might cease even in Heaven.

  18. I love the the way it starts with a beautiful description of a real rain and gives way to a larger pensive feeling.

  19. Your poem has left me thinking of home. How I miss the rain in my Dominican Republic! That fiesta of natural sounds that lull us into the yummiest of sleeps... ♥

  20. Such a beautiful sentiment to the ending of your poem. May we all meet up in your imagined place some day XXX

  21. So beautiful is your poem, that now I want to feel Puerto Rico rain and inhale "coffee aroma blending with the smell of wet, tropical soil". :-)

  22. Oh this is a slice of heaven I think--just beautiful!

  23. This is lovely, Myrna. The sound of the rain on the roof is very comforting. You are absolutely right, we can create our own world - who knows it actually existing