Sunday, May 1, 2016


It's such a nice day
to be
home,  watching
how the sky cradles
the ground with grey blanket
of mystifying mist.

My house is silent.
even the dogs respect, respond
to the vacuum of soundless air.
They know how to be mindful,
as they lay still, listening 
to nothing.

I try
to imitate them, 
to relish the silence,
to avert movement,
to notice all this
at least for a moment


long enough
to recharge
my complexity with
simplicity of being.

Here I am
writing, thinking 
how best to capture 
this little experience,
apparently inconsequential.

Soon I'll move,
turn on some music.
Soon it may turn sunny.
Soon I'll do
what I do,
blend the silence
with the noise of living.

All moments dissipate.
But here I am

(For Poets United.)


  1. I LOVED taking this moment of reflection with you, seeing the clouds curling over your mountains, hearing the silence, feeling the dogs' peace..........lovely to have that moment of being here now.........

  2. What a beautiful contemplation of the moment and how they roll onto new moments!

    Love the image you create with the words especially....

    'how the sky cradles
    the ground with grey blanket
    of mystifying mist.'

  3. I think this is the type of pause that make life more vibrant... love how you learn from the dogs...

  4. Ah, yes moments of solitude when one just likes to sit back and reflect upon their surroundings.. perhaps gather their thoughts and contemplate the mysteries of the universe :D Beautifully put.

    Lots of love,

  5. Your opening verse really creates a wonderful image and I wonder about the mystifying mist. Soon the silence will blend with the noise of living but, right now there is beauty in the "now"

  6. And what a great now to find yourself in! Thank you for imparting it to us too.

  7. You give us the second before we go to find notebook and pen. I can picture woman and dog still, finding stillness.

  8. Love the images here. And that soft blanket of mystery, of magic and of now...

  9. We should really relish those rare moments of quietude. Beautifully envisioned Myrna.

  10. I enjoyed the way you wrote of the silence, Myrna.. You are right...dogs DO know how to enjoy. They need no music. They live in the NOW, appreciating what is. We need to take a lessons from them.

  11. Simply a wonderful piece of writing. I am there. One of my favorite's of yours.

  12. beautifully written. A wonderful piece.

  13. And just like the dogs - you learn 'how' - such a cleverly written poem and how hard it is to achieve the 'simple' act of being.. to know enough is enough

  14. Breathing in the present moment is a difficult practice to put one,