Wednesday, March 30, 2016


In my nineties,
I want to be like Betty,
joking in modern ways 
with sharpness that cuts glass,
Bringing people joy 
Because she knows what's funny.

In my nineties
like Betty,
I want to ignore 
the sting of aching limbs,
the creak of rusty joints
needing lubrication.
Gracefully, I'll smile, 
accepting gravity's embrace,
the mirror's face
redesigned by creases,
markings made by life
as wisdom increases.

In my nineties, like Betty
I'll know
aging began when I was born,
each age a new beginning.

Like Betty,
in my nineties I'll worry.
Will there be only
tearful drama
or hopeful comedy
at the end.


  1. really nice, deserving of a standing ovation

    im happy you dropped in at my blog

    much love...

  2. Of course it is the way you lived that is important not the way you die which is mostly totally out of your control. However we must never lose our sense of humor and even laugh at our own foolishness.

  3. I would like to be that upbeat in my sixties...

  4. Excellent! I love "gravity's embrace" and
    "the mirror's face
    redesigned by creases,
    markings made by life
    as wisdom increases." She's quite something, I agree.

  5. I loved the same lines Susan noted.....Betty is something else. But so are you, my friend!!!!! This poem made me smile.

  6. ooops google guzzled my comment...brrr...'Bringing people joy' is the best way to i wish i could do that if i were to live up to 90 years and ever to remember the wise line 'each age a new beginning.'...beautiful poem Myrna...

  7. When you are ninety, each day you wake will come as a welcome surprise, I hope.

  8. I echo the sentiments above :D this is a splendid poem.

    Lots of love,

  9. I had not heard of Betty White - but age is all about perception - and making the most of what we have - a hopeful and optimistic poem :)

  10. Me to Myrna!! She has grown old gracefully and her heart and spirit are truly young!

  11. Betty will always be a role model and Rose is still one of the best tv characters ever portrayed :) Brilliant homage!

  12. Yes, good one, Myrna. I think as we age our perspective alters and we begin to see the importance of some important things that we blissfully ignored or flouted when we were younger. The wisdom of old age, I guess :-)