Sunday, January 3, 2016



I like movies, especially their beginnings.
That first scene, a sense magnet
of silence or music,
the camera canvasing fast
or resting on a particular subject -
people making love, fighting,
eating, walking, doing.  Or maybe an animal
chewing the green pasture of peace.
Each beginning, a mystery full
of infinite possibilities, enticing curiosity.

I wish we could all awaken each day that way,
anticipating what could be,
seeing ourselves as protagonists
in beautiful, meaningful scenes full of misery, joy, pain, laughter all -
action works of art.

But since our movies unfold in unplanned progression,
surprises outside of our imagination
without our complete control,
that we ignorantly judge as good or bad, 
the best we can do to confront our tragic/comedies
is to strengthen our characters,
knowing that each moment is a beginning.

(For Poets United.)


  1. Interesting, take on beginnings. Some adventures we control as artists others we move with faith, that's reality

    Happy New Year Myrna

    Much love...

  2. I really like it.. Somehow similar to Gayles entry.. Why wait for the beginning .. We can see a new beginning everywhere.

  3. An interesting idea, Myrna. It would indeed be interesting to think of our life as a movie.....and watching how our lives unfolded, being ready for some surprises along the way. Smiles.

  4. We are the star of our own movie - the greater story of our life is just waiting to play out. We can always start a new scene and see where it goes.

  5. Love it. Every ending is also a beginning.

  6. Such depth & wisdom in this poem :D really admire the message you have depicted here. Wishing you a bright & happy new year :D

    Lots of love,

  7. How true. We are the actors in our own life-movies. Maybe more importantly, we're the directors too! Love this, Myrna.
    Gayle ~

  8. I love the idea of us as actors in our own movie....we have to be swift on our feet as the plot takes sudden turns....I especially love "the best we can do is strengthen our characters.......knowing that each moment is a beginning." Wonderful write! I will e you when i get a minute, I am so behind it is frightening, LOL.

  9. What a unique view...I like the idea of each moment being a beginning! Happy New Year!

  10. Aw - real life movies are difficult to direct. But that's the adventure and thrill of life.

    Happy New Year, Myrna

  11. Delink from the calendar and follow our hearts! Oh yes!!

  12. I thought I had commented here on my tablet, but think I might not have been online then. I love this, Myrna....our lives as a movie full of unexpected plot twists, the best we can do, to strengthen our characters "knowing each moment is a beginning."

  13. Unplanned progression is our lives all over. We think we are in control but we are but puppets dancing while others pull our strings. However when we do make a decision it is a triumph!

  14. Good to anticipate in life as one might lose opportunities along the way!


  15. I love movies... Loved the perspective!

  16. and we must do our part with sincerity to make the Director happy :) happy new year Myrna....

  17. Even though movies are educational they are still make-beliefs. But it is good as one may expect it to progress in many different ways making it more interesting.


  18. What a wise poem, golden words. I like beginnings too, and always curious what the day is prepared for me, promise to enjoy each moment or change it if I can/trust we can change/. ~ Happy New Year, Myrna!

  19. I love the metaphor and the thought - I really hadn't considered movie openings - what grabs our attention..brilliantly observed and wise - happy new year to you too

  20. the beginning is really important, and never gives away how story unravels :)

  21. A fascinating analogy, articulated with wisdom and insight.