Sunday, December 20, 2015


I plug in my Christmas tree every evening.
I'm careful to not disturb
ornaments or the tiny lights that dangle 
invisibly, powerless from branches of the tree.  
The angel at the top stares down 
with eager anticipation  
for she knows what will be, 
once electricity charges through conduits 
that explode illumination, 
transforming her wings into rainbows,
of gaudy, loud clanging colors.  
Lights beam, scream
raucous laughter on the tree.

I play with symbolism 
as I wish
that we all become a Christmas tree, 
with many branches extended, 
beautifully ornamented,
plugged in to conduits of love's power,
brightening, reflecting the happiness of colors,
while our light illuminates kaleidoscopic joy.
At the top, in our angelic minds, 
resides knowledge of what can be, 
once love empowers a tree.

 (For Poets United.)

I wish you all the very best during this Holiday season and always.


  1. My screen went blank after I commented... I hope that wasn't one of my light going out?? :-)

  2. Imagined as a Christmas tree and yes, the light is what matters... Enjoyed this flight of fancy Myrna... Have a great one yourself... Best Wishes Scott

  3. This is so beautiful and uplifting.
    Seasons Greetings dear Myrna

    Much love...

  4. Hi Myrna,

    I have an angel at the top of my tree as well she holds two candles one for hope and the other for peace...Wishing you the best as well.

  5. This is such a beautiful poem Myrna.

  6. Beautiful thoughts indeed. Greetings and warm wishes!

  7. This is beautiful. I wish we could all become a Christmas tree too. And, yes, love does empower a tree. Merry Christmas, Myrna.

  8. Thank you.
    I hope your tree is always illuminated with love and laughter.

  9. How wonderful, to envision humans as trees, "branches extended.....plugged in to conduits of love's power." Your closing lines are stellar! Loved this, Myrna.

  10. such precious would be a perfect world with people with so much love and angelic mind...let the new year fill you with joy and happiness...

  11. Myrna I adore the symbolism of the tree and how you have described your wish for mankind...oh if only! Happy Holidays!

  12. Lights beam, scream - what a wonderful line in this poem which i suspect is about much more than Christmas trees..we must indeed spread the symbolism not just on one day alone - peaceful holiday wises to you Myrna

  13. Sigh.. such a beautiful Christmas poem :D
    Wishing you loads of joy on this occasion!

    Lots of love,

  14. I would love to be enlightened thus.. a wonderful wish.. Have a great holiday Myrna.

  15. This is so beautiful, Myrna. Such a lovely message.
    Merry Christmas :)

  16. Absolutely love the idea of 'that we all become a Christmas tree'
    and that love would empowers a tree! Many blessings in Holiday Season and through a New Year!

  17. How I love this poem and share your wish. I'm happy I saved this for Christmas morn. May it come true so that the angels still laugh, but it need not be raucous or ironic laughter!