Sunday, November 22, 2015


I wish I knew the way to being 
the best person possible
I told myself reaching up
to that judgemental cloud
so righteous, impeccably puffed
with faux-wisdom, created 
by looking down at imperfection.

My wish hasn't really changed, but
now I don't reach outward, upwards, 
I go inward 
where my own special sun lets me clarify
myself, my gifts, my flaws, my questions.  
It brightens the way to trusting my heart,
where my guidance, my answers lie waiting.

(For Poetry Pantry at Poets United.)


  1. I think it is easier to reach that point by reaching inward.. Truly it has to be so.

  2. Oh, Myrna. I love your inspiring and heartfelt words. Your gift of writing always shines through ;) Going inward is truly the way to becoming our best selves. Your poem is one of my favorites today :)

  3. Oh, don't we often have that 'faux wisdom.' We all are guilty of this sometime, I think. But I like the way you mention turning inward & trusting your heart at this time of life. In trusting one's heart I think one can find the deepest wisdom, I believe!

  4. This is lovely and I agree many answers can be found inward in our search. I think it is nice to have our own special sun that keeps us warm and lights the way.

  5. This is wonderful and wise. No better place to go - especially when the heart you listen to is your own beautiful one.

  6. I think we all have this going on with us at times. But how wise you were to be aware and strive to do better. I hope we all will do this. Nice wise poem.

  7. Inward is a good way to go for this quest

  8. I've gone in, but I feel it is time to head out to community. Peace to you!

  9. I think it is true that the answers lie within us - because only we know what answers we need..a beautifully reflective and wise poem

  10. Indeed the answers we search for lie within our hearts :D such a wise and beautiful poem.

    Lots of love,

  11. Simply beautiful in word and picture Myrna....yes nature can inspire us but it is within us ins't it?

  12. i do think those times of reflecting and allowing the questions to pour in is so precious cause they help us know ourselves better. we often judge ourselves too harshly as well...

  13. How wonderful to enter the second half of life when we measure ourselves against the self only and have a personal relationship with God.