Sunday, October 4, 2015


Yesterday, I made rice & beans, roasted sweet plantains,
tomato salad with slices of avocado.  
My grandmother served this with roasted pork 
or stewed beef. I no longer eat meat.
She cooked with lard.
My oils are of coconut or olive, 
both virgins, of course.
I hope their purity will create 
a virtuous, long lasting health.
Grandmother's concern was only to fill a belly.
She knew nothing about vegetarianism,
gourmet foods, or modern day chefs.
But each of her meals, her delicious "antojitos"*
was worthy of heavenly awards.

So different she and I.
She thrived by giving food, nourishment
that satisfied basic and higher needs,
especially mine.
She fed me. Her love still sustains me.
Today, when I see my own grandchildren
playing, sleeping, dreaming, being
I strive to feed them.
Then I realize, in spite of the gap in generations,
Grandmother and I do have something special in common.

Maybe my grandchildren will someday
have thoughts like these too.

Grandkids during story time at a local bookstore.

*Delicious treats, usually fried.

(For Poets United.)


  1. antojitos - with cheese? maybe it is different than the antojitos I know. Love me some plantains, since my time in florida. food is def love. taking care of those basic needs. yeah that is quite the connection.

  2. I am sure that your grandchildren will look back fondly on the memories with you. Interesting the differences in cooking from one generation to another. What your grandmother served sounds wonderful to me....except for the lard. The idea of eating lard is not appealing to me. Smiles. Perhaps it is true that other generations wanted only to fill bellies and didn't know a lot about vegetarian choices, etc. I'm with you as far as olive oil; and though I eat meat I am more interested in fish or chicken & then again often get protein from other sources altogether. Always enjoy reading your poetry, Myrna.

  3. Awww.. this is soo heartwarming.. I m sure your grandchildren adore you and will honor and cherish you in the future as well :D Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  4. "...was worthy of heavenly awards."

    To be remembered like this is what it's all about.

  5. When I think of my grandmother I also think of the food that she loved to prepare. Simple foods really but that dash of love made them mouth watering.
    I think grandchildren are blessed by grandmothers...

  6. I think cooking for someone, you leave a piece of your heart in them.. any cooking has to be that. Lard is alas quite tasty when used right, but so is olive oil...

  7. Oh so true. Food is definitely an expression of love.
    Which I am sure your grandchildren will remember. And pass on. As you did and are.

  8. I could actually feel your grandmother's love to you as one feels the love that you have for your grandchildren

  9. Yes indeed Myrna - the story goes on, as it should... There is a humble truth well captured here... Enjoyed it very much... With BestWishes Scott

  10. I am so with you, my friend. My grandkids have always known I am all about feeding people, especially them! LOL. Loved the memories of your grandma and the glimpses of your grandchildren. The circle of life, turning and turning......

  11. Cool reflection. And they will be eating something when they are grandparents that we may not know of now. My grandmother, with her hearty German meals, just couldn't understand vegetarianism. Me? Bring on the rice and beans and plantains and corn tortillas and mole ...

  12. So lovely the thoughts here of nourishing each other with words or food. I miss those special meals...the warmth they gave me inside from my grandmothers, with all that wonderful lard.

  13. As a grandmother, myself, this piece really resonated with me. A lovely write, tenderly rendered.

  14. Your grandchildren are very sweet. May they only know love and happiness throughout their childhood.

  15. Doesn't matter about the "...arianism" as long as it is served with love. And it seems in this case, it truly was. I remember much about my grandmother's cooking and how it nourished my soul. Spencer is Kanzensakura

  16. Good food is taken more for the taste and perhaps the appearance. That is why Grannie's food is always remembered. Nourishment comes as incidentals unless one can plan to take some and to avoid others!


  17. Sounds very yum! Especially when it is cooked with love.

  18. Sounds very yum.. especially when it is cooked with love!

  19. The food is served with a heart of love and that is what will be remembered.

  20. It is not the meat or animal fat that we recall but the love. Beautiful post!

  21. this made me smile - made me remember how my gramma used to cook for me and how i still can smell and taste it. food is something so delicious and comforting and nurturing for body and soul

  22. aw...grandmothers poured their love onto food items for the little ones from time immemorial...this will go on & on & on...beautifully captivated Myrna...

  23. I am sure they will - feeding the soul probably came with every mouthful that filled the tummy - maybe then it wasn't written down but now it is - wonderfully

  24. Precious post! This is because a woman passes around 31 per cent of her genes to her grandchildren :)

  25. Filling bellies wasn't about nutrition, it was about second helpings. Both my grandmother and mother did the same. And both were good cooks. I started out doing the same, and only over the last two decades have become somewhat nutrition conscious. Yet, occasionally I get hungry for their recipes and do indulge.


  26. Grandmothers hold a special place in our hearts.

  27. A lovely evocation of family and generations.

  28. To grandmothers! Bon appetit!

  29. Your poetry has made me miss my own grandmother... I'm also wishing for fried plantain and carne guisada. Like your speaker, I no longer eat the rich dishes I delighted in when I was growing up--my body can't deal with them... but my mind does miss their tastes and the memories.