Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Some things in my life
have only happened once.
I married once,
delivered a daughter once.

Once, as a child, I begged 
for my life.
Ferociously, though silently,
I screamed, "Please!"

The principal took her time.
Tortured me by chocking
hope of acceptance
into her good school
of girls, so cool
I wanted to be.
But, I had  failed the test.

"Okay, I'll grant you a chance,
but do your best," she finally said.

We weren't aware, 
we caused a tear
in fabric of expectation.
We weren't aware
her kind response
to the hunger of my being
allowed my story be rewritten
enough to graduate
more than once.

(I attended public school through fifth grade.  Due to language and problems that existed in those times, (many still do) in the inner city, I didn't learn much.  But, I made friends with some girls that went to Catholic School and I wanted to be like them.  My grandparents could barely afford the tuition, yet they said I could transfer.  When I failed the entrance exam, I was devastated.  However, the Pricipal saw my tremendous disappointment and gave me a chance.  I am forever grateful to her.  I am certain my life would have been very different if I hadn't gone to parochial school.)  

(For Poets United where Sherry asks us to write about watershed moments.)


  1. How generous of that principal. I wonder whether in these regulation bound days it would happen now.
    A second chance is always a gift.

  2. Wow. Good on that principal deserving beyond the rules and giving you a chance. That will surely change a life. A chance at a real education

  3. This is so wonderful.. I bet it is one of your several cherished memories.. and so kind of that principal to allow you a second chance. Beautifully penned :D

    Lots of love,

  4. Wow, what a wonderful story, Myrna. I am so glad there are people like this principal in the world who are willing to break a rule a bit to give someone a chance! I am sure after she saw what kind of student (and person) you were she never had cause to regret it!

  5. This is indeed the story of a wonderful watershed moment. School - preferably a good one - can change a child's life and I am glad it changed yours for the better. A lot of parochial schools are doing a great job and I am glad you got so much from yours. Blessed be that principal.

  6. Thank God for that Principal's kind heart!

  7. You were given something priceless ~~~

  8. Thank GOD for the wise and compassionate eyes and heart of a woman who saw the beauty in that child and gave her that chance, my friend. I was taught by nuns too. Some of them were fierce. Some really encouraged me. But I got a stellar education in that school. So glad you were given that chance. Thank you so much for this wonderful response to the prompt.

  9. One does not appreciate a Catholic education until you encounter those who have not been given this gift. Lovely poem Myrna !

  10. you've beautifully sketched that turning point in your life's always a blessing when we have another chance...the principal was indeed a wonder the simple, honest, powerful and vibrant words...

  11. this is absolutely lovely

    much love...


    I loved this story! Just a chance was all that you were asking.

  13. How life can turn on the kindness of others! Thanks for sharing your inspiring lines x

  14. Thanks for sharing your personal journey Myrna ~ I was near flunking a college exam too but got my break and I am forever grateful and did my best ~


  15. I love second chances--and the kindness in others--this is beautiful Myrna!

  16. How wonderful you had been given the chance! That is normally how it works! If one is kind-hearted meaning you Myrna, not just the principle, then things will come your way. You are blessed Ma'am!


  17. A watershed moment indeed! I had a similar one with a last minute scholarship--but I was 18. Here, you make the little girl you real as a grown up who knew how to find her path and her unique moments because of that earlier choice.

  18. this is a wonderful story of an event that def changed the path of life. I think that principal was wise to look beyond the test...good for her for giving you that opportunity.

  19. Sometimes that second chance is all we need to be our best.

  20. I'm so glad it worked out for you.

  21. Bravo to that Principal who had enough wisdom and acumen to see the stuff you were made of and discern your thirst for knowledge and desire to succeed, Myrna. Bravo to you for making that possibility reality!

  22. I loved this poem. It was deep and heartfelt. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.