Sunday, September 27, 2015


Occasionally I leave the desert
where neutral, subdued colors prevail 
hiding the kaleidoscopic movement of life.

I go where life is bursting visibly,
beauty so loud
it communicates in silence,
for all colors living.
For the colors of trees, 
colors of the brown ground
thirsty for colorful water,
for the colors of animals blending
with the colors of sky, clouds, air.
For people, colored in hues, 
some vibrant, some shaded
all painting 
colors that are and will be.

I leave the desert sometimes, 
to feel the hope of the earth
cradling me in its loving blanket
so my colors too, can hopefully beam.

I spent a few days visiting the Gila National Forest.

 (For Poets United.)  


  1. Every environment carries its beauties and its dangers. If you can enjoy several climes, all the better. I have not been to the dessert in many years, but understand as when I was in Florida, I missed the mountains. Now I miss the ocean. A change in scenery always does me good.

  2. I read your poem on two different levels, Myrna. The actual desert where a person can reside as well as the desert of the mind. I think sometimes, in both regards, we need to give ourselves some 'green' of hope to enliven and refresh us once again. Nice one, Myrna. And thanks for being such a regular participant!

  3. There is also life hidden in the desert - of the country, and of our heart. A quiet life, a subtle life - but no less beautiful.

  4. Love this, Myrna. I am desert-bound, myself, and must leave. Regularly.

  5. I love "to feel the hope of the earth". A beautiful poem, Myrna, and lovely photos. What a beautiful spot. It sparked a wonderful poem.

  6. There's something about your poetry dearest that evokes such emotion in eyes are damp...such beauty in the world. Thank you.

  7. I think sometimes we need to leave the desert for a new perspective..the world is full of color even the earthly tones of browns and orange. Did you take the photos? I have never been to a desert but, I hope to visit Monument Valley one day.

  8. There is beauty in nature whether here in winter or in the desert there....beautiful!

  9. I can understand, I lived in the desert and loved it, but yo meet the lush of colors elsewhere can be a strong need.

  10. And you do indeed beam in your words and presence - it is a strange phenomenon how the beauty of silence can be louder than life itself at times..or maybe it is life itself...

  11. i like the contrast of desert with subdued colors and the rest of the earth in a riot of colors...both beautiful in their own way....

  12. i like the imagery and how nature can help us.

  13. there's so much beauty in the different colors of landscape - of nature - i spent a day and a night in the desert once - there's a clearness and majesty - i love how colorful the world is painted and in what different hues and shades - glad you found your colors...

  14. beauty so loud
    it communicates in silence

    This is so true.. nature possesses beauty which needs no words to express itself. Beautiful pictures couple with a stunning poem :D

    Lots of love,

  15. Some lovely evocative lines in this. "beauty so loud it communicates in silence" brought a lump to my throat.

  16. Oh! Such an ode to color of earth and hope!

  17. Lovely to be able to appreciate your surroundings in both words and photos.

  18. This is a lovely poem accompanied by lovely photos.

    P.S. I think you might want to go back and check your spelling of desert.

  19. Excellent poem. You are a magician! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  20. Colors are necessary, they brighten our lives :-) Beautifully said :-)