Sunday, September 20, 2015


Drinking my coffee Sunday morning, 
I played a game of finding the silence 
between rain drops 
that tapped loudly on the desert.
But soon the rain became tears, 
the sky releasing its sadness
in thunderous, inconsolable sobs.
How magnificent the sky,
like all spectacular works of art,
open for interpretation, for revelation.

I saw wisdom in its grief.
There IS a time for weeping,
for allowing a wash to cleanse 
each little pebble, 
making it sparkle brighter in the sun.
This world is so dusty.
Overwhelmed with empathy for the sky,
on Sunday morning,
I joined it.
We became one in solidarity.

(For Poets United.)


  1. there is Def a time for all things . and indeed for weeping . for crying. and even for us guys . maybe especially for us. looks like we are about to get rain too which will hopefully break the heat

  2. Such a beautifully deep and emotional poem! Loved it :)

  3. How I love this, the becoming one with the sky, joining it in solidarity - and the way the rain washes clean each little pebble. We are having a downpour here too - so welcome after summer's drought.

  4. I have long viewed tears as toxins which need to be shed. Love your warm, empathic approach.

  5. I like to play that game to find the silence...sometimes it can be hard when the rain comes and we simply must feel and weep as water and tears are cleansing.

  6. Yes, there is a time for weeping. Sometime we do need to let the tears fall. Sometimes we just need to cleanse the dust of our lives away. Unashamedly!

  7. Oh Myrna what a beautiful poem evoking such a wonderful image of the sky crying...the rain feels like tears to me too and I join it too in crying....

  8. Love the game of 'finding the silence
    between rain drops'.... I was trying to walk today, but rain and storm herded me home... well, the tears are always clearing and renewing our days...~ Great poem!

  9. So lovely... Love the idea of finding the silence between rain drops!

  10. oh how true...joining the sky and becoming one in solidarity...what beautiful thought, love the vastness in the line...i also believe there's time for everything, you've put it so nicely..."for allowing a wash to cleanse / each little pebble, / making it sparkle brighter in the sun." favorite lines...

  11. Sometimes how we feel inside is echoed by what is outside..perhaps when the two commune it allows for an understanding of the world and ourselves - a beautiful poem

  12. there has to be time for cleaning, getting it out.. but as for the weather.. it's been doing that a lot lately.

  13. There will always be someone weeping. May they find the solidarity you reached for,


  14. Evocative and moving - a wonderfully rendered bit of pathetic fallacy: the cleansing rain dissolving into tears. Cathartic: much in the same vein as my poem this week. We both seemed to be channeling the earth's elements. Ha!

  15. A very useful exercise mote people should practice.

  16. Beautiful metaphorical piece ... the silence between raindrop ... soothing.

  17. Go on - we need one good cry to release everything, if needed.