Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I could write about mystical sunsets,  
rainbows dripping into clouds,
the unexpected kindness I received,
or my grand children's angel breath of sleep.
If I did, beyond describing beauty 
I'd be revealing me.

Because beauty is not in the eye
but within all
beholders perceiving 
their connection
with intangible goodness.

The blind can still feel 
the sun's radiant perfection.
Even criminals, misguidedly
seek the grandeur of jewels,
unaware they already possess
their splendor.

Beauty is reality's love.
It's totally inclusive. 
Though it seems elusive,
it's there.
Close your eyes.


(For Poets United where Sumana asks us to write about Beauty.)


  1. Beautiful last stanza - I love the desciption of it as reality's love.
    and so true on beauty being in the eye of the beholder as others may not be able to see it.
    I hope to always have eyes that look for beauty.

  2. beauty is reality's love... i like that much... the wholeness of it instead of single events... and we can best see it with the heart..

  3. Oh how I love this! Especially "beholders perceiving their connection with intangible goodness". Wow! Also "Beauty is reality's love". Such wise and loving words. I love the closing lines too. Loved every bit of this poem, my friend.

  4. "Beauty is reality's love" - wow what a wise thought

  5. Beauty is everywhere if we keep our eyes/heart/mind open to it. A gift. And I love the way you display it. Thank you.

  6. Just lovely, Myrna. I like the idea that you expressed that even the blind can experience beauty. Beauty is inside not something on the exterior. It is there with eyes open or eyes closed.

  7. The blind can still feel
    the sun's radiant perfection.

    These are such beautiful lines.. one does not need eyes to feel the beauty around them.. their senses lead them to experience various things.. be it the warmth of the sun.. or the scent of a rose. Beautifully penned :D

    Lots of love,

  8. I like the seeking of beauty from within, that connection with the intangible connection ~

  9. How right you are; beauty is not something to be possessed and hidden away in a safe but shared and loved by all.

  10. what perfect examples you've chosen Myrna to perceive's something already ingrained in every soul and manifests itself when needs this concept of Beauty...

  11. Though it seems elusive,
    it's there.

    Yes beauty is always there. Truly said Myrna!. It is just that many may not see it


  12. What a wonderful vision you set down.

  13. That last verse is awesome, it my favourite verse in this poem

    Much love...

  14. This is so true. Beautifully expressed.

  15. “Beauty is reality's love.”

    This sense of caring that you feel that you get from the natural world eludes me, although I probably love the wilds (including my backyard) and need to be out in them more than most people. What you do for me is to remind me of how much better I feel when I’ve been in the woods, and Peggy and I are going tomorrow.

  16. How easily one can loose sight of what beauty lives within ourselves and other's. I shall remember this next time I close my eyes and feel the sweet rays of the sun shining down on me. I liked the last verse

  17. Ah, yes, Myrna. The beauty within each of us is reflected in what we garner from without us... A lovely piece.