Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Why do I like to watch the night
A big black curtain descending,
aggressively indicating "The End",
while the sun rages in fiery defense
trying to beam as long as possible,
a star, reluctantly taking a last bow.

Maybe it's because I've seen the night
in me, falling, snuffing out the light
of joy, or because some nights are so dark
with suffering, they seem eternal.
Or maybe, there's a metaphor
in predictable repetition 
of light and darkness,
life and death.
Perhaps the sunset is teaching me
that there's no day without night,
and that somehow, 
this is beauty.

(For Poets United.)


  1. This is so beautiful, the last few lines said it all. There is certainly no day without the night.. no light without darkness.. there is no looking forward to happiness.. without experiencing sorrow. Life is a cycle.. there is a new beginning after every end. Well penned :)

    Lots of love,

  2. So beautiful, Myrna. I love both sunsets, for the beauty, and the promise of night and rest, and sunrise, with the promise of a new tomorrow. You have written this very beautifully.

  3. So true that there is no day without night. In any case we could not appreciate the day if it were not for the night. There is beauty in both. If we watch the night falling, can the day be far behind? A wise poem, Myrna.

  4. I too like to look at the sunset and its fiery glory. I am not sure why but I like that you explore the reasons you enjoy those evening scenes. Great choice of photo as an illustration to your poem, Myrna!

  5. Absolutely! It's that last clinging of our star -- do not go gentle into that good night -- the beauty of that desire to live that makes each "falling" so beautiful. Exquisite poetry! Thank you.

  6. I think that seeing yet another sunset gives us a sense of accomplishment. We made it one more day. And the sunrise, is like a breath - another accomplishment - we have been blessed with one more day. I like the correlation to the darkness within us though. And I def agree with that as well.

  7. In the first stanza the aggressive night and the desperate sun really catch our how the night and day gradually become metaphors of life's beauty...& love your photo Myrna :)

  8. What a wise and honest poem - yes, i think it is true that unless we know darkness (in whatever form) we cannot truly know light

  9. It is dizzying to watch the symmetry of night and day..I love poetry that gets under my skin, that stops me in my tracks and makes me feel my own heart beating. Your poetry did this to me ...lovely!!

  10. a poem of the heart that makes you consider your own mortality, full of depth.

  11. there's a promise with every sunset that the night will only last til dawn - maybe that teaches us some important lessons and gives us hope

  12. Myrna,

    Thank you for sharing your magnificent perception, in your poetic words..Perhaps there is no day without night...Love the whole sense of darkness, as it's truly present...

  13. It's true that there's beauty and balance between the two ~ beautifully illustrated in both your poem and your photo.

  14. Exactly.. where would we be without the night.. Love the thought of that contrast... but at the same time the fear of that dark inside.

  15. Beautiful. There is no night without day...

  16. You've so nicely captured the essence of's just beautiful... :-)

  17. Love these lines:
    "Maybe it's because I've seen the night in me"
    "there's a metaphor in predictable repetition"

  18. So sorry I mixed up comments, Myrna. This is what life is all about, I think; and many have it easier than others. Finding the light in the darkest of nights, even days, is difficult normally...if there are added burdens it takes a lot more determination to keep on a lit path....which you are doing very well with your writing. ;)

  19. I like this take on night, Myrna. Just as we sink into a melancholy, desperate mood, you skilfully take us up into the wonderful hope and joy of a glorious sunset.