Sunday, July 19, 2015


After 53 years, Spanish language television channel Univision says it is ending Sabado Gigante's run.

Last night I impulsively turned on
a TV show I genuinely dislike -
"Sabado Gigante" ("Giant Saturday"), 
a Spanish variety show my mother watched religiously.  
I suspect she enjoyed it more than church.

I reluctantly watched it often with her, 
just to keep her company,
to watch her laugh, enjoy the music, rejoice 
when a contestant won $1000.00,
or wipe a tear when another cried   
at the revelation that his child wasn't biologically his.

I learned a lot
about my mother.
I saw her heart, her youth,
her capacity for happiness, 
how music awakened her internal song,
her compassion, acceptance 
of diversity, of new thoughts. 
I saw how she interpreted her world, 
her joy, sadness, anger, 
how she could bless but also curse.
How beautifully human she was!

She never uttered the words, "I love you".
But before that busy screen,
she engrossed in the show,
me in her,
love radiated in the tiny spaces of shades and silence, 
in the occasional exchange of glances, 
in the inane comments we made,
in the munchies we ate,
in the air we shared.

I don't know where/how/why the impulse to
watch "Sabado Gigante" came from last night,
but, it's not such a mystery either.


  1. Ugh. Never said I love you. Is rather heartbreaking Myrna. Especially when contrasted with be so engrossed in the lives of those she did not know.

  2. What a touching poem, Myrna. Lovely that you were able to connect a bit with your mother again when you watched that show, and interesting that by watching the show together you communicated with one another indirectly and you learned to know your mother's soul. Ha, I never really liked 'The Jackie Gleason Show,' but I watched it with my father for perhaps the same reason. He was a man of few words, but his eyes and face lit up as he watched that show!

  3. I connect to classic movies as those were what I watched with my is funny what things bring back such floods of memories of loved one....wonderful poem Myrna!

  4. Such a beautiful poem depicting the special bond between you and your mother :D
    Beautifully penned!

    Lots of love,

  5. Sometimes those inarticulate moments resonate forever.

  6. What wonderful insights from a show you dislike! It's beautifully told, becoming more and more magical as the poem progresses.

  7. I like the bond between mother and daughter over the television show ~ I heard that my mother is now addicted to soap operas and I would find it amusing to hear how she is so engrossed in the show ~ But it is time together, so its not so bad after all ~ Enjoyed this one Myrna ~

  8. I love this silent communication between mother and daughter...blessed is the moment one basks in the glory of another's soul...

  9. I love the honesty in this poem...the to and fro of unconditional love..the line about her enjoying the TV more than church made me smile..i think it is the truth for many...a touching and open poem..all the more beautiful for it

  10. love radiated in the tiny spaces of shades and silence...
    This is such a powerful line, Myrna. Such a great nostalgic piece.

  11. Oh, Myrna, how I love your heart, which is full of compassion for humans, as was your mother's. I resonate, too, with how that generation may have had difficulty saying the words "I love you", but they felt it and expressed it in other ways.

  12. Gosh, you brought me back to watching shows like "the Millionair" or Groucho Marx dangling duck when someone used the right word, I think got $5.00 us for it.
    All watching it with my mother... not to mention Lawrence Welk...
    Thank you.

  13. Lovely and poignant. I often come upon and remember a pastime that my own mother took such pleasure in. I don't think I'll ever figure her out (she wasn't a very introspective person and I don't think she gave much thought to figuring her own self out). She just seemed to live in each moment. And when I come upon those little reminders I am back there with her ... in that moment.

  14. Its amazing the effect something has on our lives even when it is something we wish to ignore. That a loved one liked it simply increases that effect.

  15. there are some shows that my mother watches regularly - and you def. can tell something about the personality of a person by the shows and movies they're watching - sad that she never told you that she loved you. my mom did neither but she showed me many times

  16. A loving tribute Myrna.

    same case with my mom everytime i had vacation, she forced me to watch soap operas but since i dont know much about the plot, characters - i kept on asking until she said no need to watch it. such a cute moment haha

  17. your time with your mom was heartwarming to read about. i found your sincerity and your love for your mom very endearing and therefore I'mma go hug and kiss my momma. God bless.