Wednesday, May 20, 2015


An old joke my husband used to tell:

After losing his keys, the drunk stooped, searching
and searching under the light post, but couldn't
find them.  
"Is this where you think you lost them?"
asked his friend.  
"No," answered the drunk.  "I probably lost them 
in that field over there." 
"Then why are you looking for them here?" asked the friend.  
The drunk man straightened up.  Gave his friend an exasperated look,
then said,
"Because there's light here, and that field's too dark."

No use preaching to you, the choir, 
about life's absurdities.  
You're already sober, intelligent, aware 
that we cannot avoid darkness, 
or search for happiness in artificial light.
You know happiness is a series of little joys.
You've heard all about happy people 
being healthier, living longer
because happiness nourishes. It flashes music
in our brains, making neurons dance.  It's a habit 
created by more than just noticing all the pleasant
little things in our day, but by embracing the feeling
of delight, its particles sparkling all that lives 
within.  I needn't mention
it takes practice, like anything worthwhile. 
Like the sun repeats its happy rise daily.

You realize too that it's love
gives happiness the force
to flow in the ether we inhale.
And we all know how to breathe.
May we take many deep breaths.


  1. Breathing. Sometimes even the absurdities--especially absurdities--provide the habit of delight. But, if I lose it, I'll look in the darkness as well as in the light!

  2. Enjoyed the poem and the joke. So true.

  3. Well I guess where there is happiness.. there is a little scope for darkness as well.. a little good a little bad.. that's how it goes :)
    Beautifully executed :D

    Lots of love

  4. Myrna I can't agree more. It takes more work as adults but that's why looking at children (at least for me) is helpful.
    My poem is dedicated to so many dear poets that bring a smile to my face - like you!!!

  5. So true, there is an art to happiness. Some things are out of our control. Some things are within our control. We can control our mental attitude in regard to a lot of things! And, ha, the joke made me smile.

  6. Insightful, this piece. Happiness, light and joy are not recognizable unless darkness exists. You lead us to this with your work.

  7. LOVE happiness as a habit. Wonderful.

  8. Happiness does enhance our health, but you are so right in that it does take practice. It takes a discipline to find the small joys that lead us into happiness.

  9. Oh I always laugh at that joke. Thanks for sharing it again Myrna.

    I absolutely agree that happiness is a state thus to achieve this - you have to accumulate series of joy :)

  10. My father always told me that I would find the lost item in the last place I looked for it. And he was right on so many levels.
    Happiness, delight and wonder are well worth the search. Every day.
    Great poem and story. Thank you.

  11. it takes practice, like anything worthwhile.
    Like the sun repeats its happy rise daily.....that is so true- happiness is intentional.

  12. I love the progression of this poem and especially its closing stanza. Wonderful, my friend. May we take many deep breaths, for surely there isnt a soul on earth who doesnt need some love.

  13. yeah....a deep breath will do that and along with it a little practice of living in the moment, appreciate and accept what life has to offer...a beautiful piece and thanks for the smile with which you begin :)

  14. Breath, happiness, love - yes!

  15. happy people
    being healthier, living longer
    because happiness nourishes

    Even if there has not been a survey to prove this it is still very logical. Yes, happiness has a way of creating lots of lively fun! As a consequence it spawned more happiness. Thoughtful write Myrna!


  16. May we take many deep breaths, sums the nice poem up nicely!

  17. "because happiness nourishes. It flashes music
    in our brains, making neurons dance. "

    indeed indeed indeed!

    much love...

  18. That was awesome!! LOL...a d I loved those neurons dancing in the head...haha.
    Great piece, incredible writing😊

  19. There's so much wisdom and beauty to be gleaned here, Myrna...thank you. Breathing Love.

  20. Myrna,

    I LOVE this poem. You have captured the ingredients we all desire, to find and to conserve happiness. Love is no doubt a key element to the success and longevity of our happiness and quality of life itself...

  21. Indeed....may we breathe it in !

  22. A series of little joys - yes..that is exactly so..if we are looking for something too big it becomes unattainable...

  23. Love the reference to neurology...neurons, particles and habits....very true!

  24. An absolute discerning analogy. Indeed, we need to take many deep breaths......A beautiful write!

  25. Yes! So very true... It is in the darkest places that we need to find happiness. It is by utilising touch and depending on our groping fingers rather than our eyes that we have to find it. Never mind the sharp objects that cut us, happiness found can be the salve for our wounds, on both hands and soul.