Sunday, April 19, 2015


This is not a poem.  
Poems need clear expressive words
that dance from images in our brains
to our hearts, where they diffuse 
into something intangible yet solid.
I looked in the dictionary to find
clever words, or big impressive ones,
sharp ones, tender ones, even funny ones.
So that's what I have, nothing, no way
to poetically say that I appreciate 
you, your gift of time, from which 
you squeeze the essence of your generosity
into sacred space where I can play
with others too, whose souls dance with words.  
Sorry I have no poem today.
But close your eyes, look inside.
wordlessly, telepathically, you'll receive
my beautiful bouquet.

As many of you know, Mary has decided to stop hosting the site, "Poetry Jam."  I wrote this simple poem in recognition of that, but also in gratitude to her and all the others who host sites, write prompts and take time not only to think of strategies that will inspire us, but also to read what we all write.  Thank you all.

(For Poets United.)


  1. A wonderful offering.. a tribute.. there is a lot of work to keep a poetry site up.. very rewarding but still a lot of fun... love the thought of a poem that's not a poem.. intriguing.

  2. Oh Myrna, how I love your "not a poem" that is one of the sweetest poems I have read today. Yes, thank you to Mary, for the incredible amount of time she takes fostering community among poets.

  3. haha been there... great expression of the moment!

  4. Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. I beg to differ with your sentiment, and will label these words a poem, to accompany Mary's pretty bouquet.



  5. I think that every emotion strongly felt and clearly expressed IS a poem. And a gift.
    Thank you.

  6. This is a beautiful poem, Myrna! Sometimes the words we use sound too weak and futile to truly express how we feel. But this is not the case with your poem today.

  7. Hi Myrna, thank you for your wonderful poem. It awed me really to read it right now. I am glad you did not find clever words or impressive ones, as I am one who prefers the simple wordings that express thoughts in a clear way that are understandable. So it is good you expressed your thoughts just as you did. Smiles. I just want to say I appreciate you too, Myrna, and your gift of poetry and time as well. We all 'dance' together here. But thank you for appreciating my efforts & the efforts of others who prompt. Together we make up a wonderful community.

  8. Oh this is such a clever wonderful non-poem...a wonderful tribute.

  9. This is a beautiful poem for Mary :) It portrays your love, respect and gratitude towards her! Loved it :D Cheers to Mary & Poetry Jam!

  10. Stunning flowers!

    But I am so sorry to hear about Mary.

  11. This is so sweet, gratefulness so inspiring, it's Love by itself! Nice bouquet too :)

  12. this is a sweet poem full of love and appreciation Myrna touching so deeply...

  13. Simple words mean a lot and expresses more than flowery words. Wonderful tribute, I am sure Mary appreciates it :)

  14. Myrna,

    You are such a kind and generous lady. I too have appreciated all that Mary has given, to afford happiness to be found by so many others. Thank you for your bouquet of loving words to her.
    Eileen :)

  15. I think the gift of this poem will be far more beautiful than the bouquet of flowers ;)

  16. what a beautiful bouquet of offering thanks to Mary.
    Myrna thank you for your heart

  17. Mary does and has done a tremendous amount for the online poetry community. she has also been very supportive of me personally. this is a lovely tribute, Myrna!

  18. A lovely little homage to Mary. I agree wholeheartedly with everything in your post, Myrna. And thanks, so much for visiting my blog.

  19. Tributes are often hard to get right. You did so wonderfully.

  20. "where they diffuse into something intangible"--yes, that is exactly what they do....this is clever and beautiful and a lovely tribute.

  21. oh wow - thanks for honoring mary like this... she's invested so much into poetry jam as she does at dVerse as well... she has a big and generous heart for sure