Wednesday, April 1, 2015


It's mesmerizing 
to watch the cherry blossom trees
performing Spring ballet of delicate pink tutus
swaying gently to the music of the breeze.
Natural movement and color attract admiration
for confirmation of beauty
inherent to the mystery of life, 
revolving the way it does
from beginnings to endings
then repeating its circular pink dance.

I don't have a cherry blossom tree.
I have an old peach tree, happy just to be.
He's wise, secure, well rooted.
His blossoms are fewer now, 
his fruit less sweet.
Still he dances in the Spring
full of hope and potential,
satisfied to approach the end of his cycle
knowing he lived a work of art.
It's all mesmerizing.  

My old peach tree

(For Poets Unted.)

There's an old peach tree in my yard.
Its blossoms still have color


  1. Oh how I love your wise old tree who knows he "lived a work of art". Beautiful. Sigh. I love it.

  2. Beautifully executed...Love the imagery...there are sentiments in your poem that have inspired me :)
    Remarkable work!

  3. To lbe able to live a work of art is wonderful, whether a ballet, an aging waltz or a poem. Very fine!

  4. I think the blossoms on an old peach tree are every bit as beautiful as those of a cherry tree. They each dance in their own way, and each is beautiful - though different!

  5. I could see the trees. Beautiful.

    I was standing under our plum trees today. Held my hands up and laughed, it was snowing plum petals. it was beautiful.

    Thanks for the visit and kind compliment. I wish you much joy with your writing.

  6. peach trees are beautiful too :)

    the saddest part of spring is when the petals start to fall

  7. Myrna,

    A deightful review of the cherry blossom tree. I too have a garden tree which is special for me. I call it my tree of seasons, as it changes with each season. Blossom might appear by the end of April, if spring finally arrives here!!


  8. I love the wisdom in this portion, Myrna...

    "inherent to the mystery of life,
    revolving the way it does
    from beginnings to endings
    then repeating its circular pink dance."

    Beautiful words and I love your old peach tree!

  9. A living thing of colors can certainly be mesmerizing. More so when it heralds the coming of spring! Love it Myrna!


  10. Oh, That first stanza is filled with great images..I like the part about them performing ballet in pink tutus. I wonder what song the breeze is playing.

  11. "Spring ballet of delicate pink tutus" has to be mesmerizing...the wise old peach tree draws me in...ah..he knows "he lived a work of art."..beautiful Myrna

  12. Trees are a miracle, whatever the type, whatever the season...

  13. So there really is a wise old peach tree - I read it as a husband metaphor! Nice work.

  14. I like the idea of living a work of art...i suppose we all do in our own ways...another shining write

  15. I don't have either trees but I am excited to see the cherry blooms dancing like a graceful ballet dancer ~ And in the end, what's important is the work of art ~


  16. Yes the blooms from any tree are beautiful.

  17. those wise old trees - they remember the dance of youth.
    Lovely verse Myrna