Sunday, March 29, 2015


Playground by Kathygeyer at Photobucket

There's so much to learn
in a playground  
about tears and laughter taking turns,
because that's how it will always be.
Swing, run, jump, chase, climb, avoid falling,
step carefully, hold on tight,
then let go or go higher.
Sometimes you'll fall accidentally.
You'll cry when there's blood, 
but eventually you'll endure the smaller scrapes.
Bullies too will make you fall
because they want you
to feel their pain.
Confront or report them, decide.
Just don't allow them to hide.
Fortunately, most of the kids just want to play,
share as much fun as they can while they're in school
before that final bell rings at the end of the day.

( For Poets United.) 

you have to let go.



  1. So true, Myrna. Most of the kids on the playground are nice kids who just want to play. Bullies are few, but yes - confront or report. I wonder to myself which is easier to do.... It is good that so many schools have anti-bully measures in place today.

  2. What a great rendering of the atmosphere of the playground, Myrna! I have fond memories of games and fun when I was a child. I think today's children still enjoy recess - a place that so far is still screen free.

  3. Beautiful poem full of warmth and love; most importantly a message which needs to be passed to and fro... bravo!!

  4. There will always be bullies in the playground ~ Its hard to decide what to do when all you want to do is play ~ I believe it helps when you tell your parents about the situation ~

  5. Sadly the bullies are always with us. Have always been with us, and probably always will.
    I wish there were easy answers.
    On the playground and in life.

  6. Is your grandson in school now? Such a worry, all that they encounter there. I like your advice to not let the bullies hide.

  7. Oh yes.. Bullies are there.. and they are destroying so many lives including their own, do not let them hide.

  8. "Fortunately, most of the kids just want to play,"..and they should be allowed to...I wonder what makes some children turn into bullies...

  9. Childhoold should be experinced. Bullies should be disciplined. We learned a lot in our childhood.

  10. Oh, Myrna, this lovely poem of yours is so very timely for Greece, as the country is mourning a lost life because of bullying. It took this heinous act to happen, for the government and the media to give it the dire attention it needs.

    Thanks for sharing your very thoughtful piece.


  11. Yes education more likely happens outside the classroom..well, the memorable important things at least!

  12. Myrna,

    Reminds me of the times when my own children had playground problems. Now so long ago and probably forgotten. Now my grandson, he is at the beginning of this education and learning and I worry about his soft nature..


  13. beautiful and full of life's wisdom.

  14. oh i agree- there's much to learn about life on a playground - and def. bullies should be confronted with wisdom..

  15. With any luck, there won't be any blood - though I once fell off a playhouse roof and bashed my head so hard it's a wonder I wasn't concussed..

  16. Letting go is a most challenging and important life lesson. Loved this, Myrna!!

  17. Yup! Recess, even today is my favorite time of the day :-)

  18. Sadly children just want to play but have to learn to deal with the bullies. We had one bully who picked on the children in the special needs class. Needless to say several of us chose to be protectors.