Tuesday, March 31, 2015


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I think we all hear voices.
Some sing songs of insanity,
others are strong with warnings,
some are argumentative, repetitive
thoughts trying to convince us
of our reason and righteousness.

My inner voices have tended to be soft,
because they've rarely had reason to be loud.
I've listened carefully, especially to the ones
with sound advice giving me direction.
Thanks to them, I'm pleased to have done
what I've done, been where I've been.

But now, after I've given in
to most of their good guidance,
there are voices shouting in me, calling me
in ways unlike before.
And I'm scared
because inside of me, I can't find silence.
That's why I'm writing.

(For Dverse Poets.)


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! How I love this. My inner voice is soft too, I hate loud voices. But it has, at times, SHRIEKED at me, trying to prevent me from doing what I went ahead and did anyway. I learned to heed that voice - better late than never, LOL. I adore where this poem goes, that now your call is getting so strong and it scares you, "that's why I'm writing." I cant tell you how much I love those lines! Wow, this is the poem of a seer, my friend.

  2. This is an unexpected and thought-provoking take on the prompt, Myrna. Of course, now I wonder how different the 'new' voices shout.

  3. Don't be scared of those voices, Myrna. I think they are voices that tell you that now is the time to be authentic, and now is the time to write whatever is on your mind. I think this is a positive 'call,' Myrna. Now is the time.....

  4. Love that ending Myrna ~ Our writing is an outlet for those voices within us ~ It's good to have that channel or else we'll go crazy with those loud voices ~

  5. We all write for so many reasons. You make seek silence inside but I am so glad you write and share all of this with us. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

  6. Oh Yes, I can relate--well done!

  7. those voices aren't always just for the crazies... smiles. those voices are carrying the words we must write.

  8. Not sure if my comment posted.... "Well done--I can so relate".

  9. The voices you hear inside are not actually voices, but beyond that it's a music you have to listen to. Sing it. Dance it. Life is too short to waste the good music in you. Smiles.

    - ksm

  10. My voices are themselves diverse, soft-loud, shrill, balladic, poetic, harbingers, spirit guides, sin-seekers & sin-eaters; & yes, damn right, we write to shore up, to maintain balance, to share, to seek, then find, then define.

  11. i think writing is an excellent way as an outlet for these voices - as a way to ponder what they said and of weighing if it's wise to listen to them

  12. Very good reason(s) to write, Myrna!

  13. I love, "they've rarely had reason to be loud"---that's a great way of putting it.....but now that they are...it's a good thing you're listening!!!

  14. Sometimes even our inner voices need to shout to get our attention. They are worth listening to as well.

  15. Great piece, keeping writing dear.

  16. This is a powerful take on the prompt ~ I guess we all wrestle with this from time to time ~ those last 3 lines are particularly excellent

  17. This was terrifying. Voices, as in torment, or voices as in guidance from the heart that reminds us what is wise? I think this could go either way. It is encouraging and frightening, depending on how you look at it.

    It reminds me of a short story I read once. I can't remember the name, but there was a painter who painted beautiful landscapes. However, some people would look at the paintings and see screaming, twisted faces in the scenery and they would go mad. To some they were beautiful, to others they were hell.

  18. Your intuition is speaking and you are listening...as you are in tune with the spiritual, you will find which way to go, trusting in the clues you are given...wonderful, lovely insight into your soul and why you write.

  19. Expression of what is inside is often released with art.. a word.. a song.. a painting of life.. that lives within.. and become new.. is change in instinctual way.. where positive energy can take one to inner journeys come true in flesh and blood.. as reality of myth come true..:)