Sunday, February 15, 2015


"Old" by Ran87die at Photobucket

"Hard to believe
that I'm half of an ancient marriage."
"The better half."  you say.
"No you."
"No you!"
We pretend to argue, accusing the other
of superiority before we hug, 
our old laughter making music
for our dogs, who dance around us,
jealously demanding to be part of our love.

So many things are hard to believe,
if we see them through the eyes of years ago,
when our love was still little, waiting to grow up.
It's changed so much.
No longer about us alone.
Now it's an inclusive, elastic love,
that expands to family and so many others.

Hard to believe too, how intimacy has evolved
or devolved, depending on perspective.
We still enjoy a sensual, romantic meal, a glass of wine,
we look forward to enjoying each other's loving touch.
But our caresses are different now,
causing groans of delight
from the hard, rough pressure of a rub
with liniment to ease geriatric pain.

Just kidding.  Most of our caresses are still gentle and liniment free after 46 years.

(For Poets United.)



  1. Congratulations, Myrna, to you and your husband. I enjoyed the glimpse into your loving relationship. To another great 46!

  2. hahaha i was wondering if i neede3d to close my eyes there in the end....smiles

    elastic love...i like that....stretching to include an ever growing family...

  3. This made me smile, Myrna. I really enjoy reading about the deep love you and your husband have & how it is expressed.....Ha, I laughed about the 'liniment' and am glad that you were kidding.... And how nice to enjoy that romantic meal with a glass of wine. Great no matter how many years you have been together!!

  4. You mentioned a 'gratitude photo journal' in your comment on my blog. Is it a public one? I'd enjoy seeing it.

  5. Beautiful dear Myrna… time with a beloved expands our hearts, our whole being in ways we could not have imagined when we were young. Thank you for your loving comment and for your companionship through our soul journeys… what a marvel it is to live at a time when connections through blogging are possible!!!

  6. I am smiling back at you Myrna ~ My hubby keeps a massager handy for those back pains, ha..ha... Admiring the love of you & your hubby through the years ~ Cheers ~


  7. Oh how you made me grin as those caresses turned out to be laced with liniment. LOL. Really clever! I love this poem of what love looks like when it hangs in long enough to "grow up", as you put it.

  8. ". . . when our love was still little, waiting to grow up." Your contrasts are delightful, your repeat of "It's hard to believe" makes me believe. Absolutely beautiful.

  9. Oh.. lovely poem, Myrna... wish you both to continue to grow in love & happiness! Smiles.

    - ksm

  10. Oh I love thought of inclusive love.. How it changes over time. Many congratulations for all those years together.

  11. Love is matter the aching limbs!

  12. What a feel good world you've created Myrna full of heart and smile!!...Be blessed with each other's company for many more years to come...

  13. 46 years - wow - that is something and so cool that it's still growing and expanding and that it includes others as well - what a blessing for the family

  14. Oh Myrna what a delight....yes that change in touch and I loved these lines....

    'No longer about us alone.
    Now it's an inclusive, elastic love,
    that expands to family and so many others.'

    It is elastic isn't it!

  15. moving thoughts, you always speak with mindful kindness.