Thursday, November 20, 2014


There's a me inside,
multifunctional, bi-cultural, conditioned to behave,
as woman, wife, mother, grandmother
the roles I've kept after retirement
changed some of my identity and my ways.

I'm short, a little frumpy, 
with colored hair attempting to hide
true age.  

My body is the bottle 
that contains my personal fragrance,
a concoction of
simplicity - complexity
timidity - boldness,
knowledge - ignorance,
humor - sadness,
compassion - malevolence.
and so much more paradox.

My ingredients are uniquely combined,
with different portions of all that exists
in everyone's ego. Mine, I suppose 
is composing this poem from its perception.

I believe there's a glue
that connects us all,
making us one with everything.
This compass helps me navigate
my travels here on earth.

What I know for sure is
somehow, simply
I am
and I'm glad.

(For Poetry Jam where Brian asks us to answer the question, "Who am I?")


  1. I love the person described here, Myrna - love the cool haircut too! It is a paradox how many qualities are combined in each of us humans.

  2. I always love the wine you share from your bottle...

  3. I like your final stanza--sums it all up very well. Thanks for posting

  4. This is a very honest and personal poem, Myrna. I like the 'multicultural bi-racial' description. The words just roll off my tongue. I like the way you shared the personal concoction that makes up you. And your last stanza made me smile!

  5. This is a wonderful self-portrait, Myrna. I too believe in that glue that connects us all.

  6. you are glad with yourself then world is also glad with you,nicely written


  7. there's such a beauty in truth and simplicity...all the words here are really beautiful giving us glimpses of you Myrna :)

  8. my body is the bottle that contains my personal frangrance...ha...i love it...i too believe their is glue holding us all matter how much we are individually we will always be more together....

  9. Wonderful poem!
    Enjoyed reading it! :)

  10. Beautiful lines! Liked especially the third stanza.... :)

  11. Myrna,

    Loved delving into this poem and adding some extras about you..You are a wonderful poet and such a considerate lady. It has pleased me very much to interact with you for quite a few years, concerning writing. You have added extra colours to the painting Myrna:)


  12. Ahhhh, true! Ordinary bottles can hold precious fragrances!