Wednesday, November 19, 2014


My doormat's life is challenging,
but at least it has pure clarity
that service is its mission,
under any kind of shoe.
It's not resentful, or offended
about what it has to do.

My table, on the other hand,
stands utterly confused.
Unsure about its job,
its self image, not so grand.

It's really rather sad,
it wears so many hats,
some elegant, some not,
it doesn't understand 
why at times it holds
anything but food.

What's even sadder for my table
is that it doesn't realize
how fortunate it is
to live in multipurpose
for needs as they arise.

Most of all, it fails to see
what's at the core of its identity.
It came from a life giving tree,
possessing its strength, 
dignity, generosity.
Though this may not be
its favored form,
the table is a tree,
still serving, helping

Currently, my kitchen table is being used as my husband's sculpture/painting table.

(for Dverse Poets.)


  1. oh nice.. i love the serving tree close and cool on the table being used as painting/sculpture place... on our big table - since we're only the two of us left - ha - there's always a corner occupied with my brushes, sketchbook and watercolor as well.. .smiles

  2. Abstractions to consider:
    Life, Mission, Self-image, Identity, dignity

  3. ah... your table suffers that ancient curse... "May you live in interesting times" :)

  4. I love the character in every line of that the idea that it is still giving service, as it did when it was a tree. Also had to smile at the clarity of mission of your doormat with whom I at times identify only too well, hee hee. Loved this, Myrna.

  5. I think that the table sooner or later has to see its new purpose fulfilled.. but lamenting not being a tree any longer is a very apt point.

  6. Where would we be without tables? They definitely have so many roles to play...ha, they really are a good example of something with a split personality! Interesting to think about remembering that a table was once a often, I think, we forget.

  7. I like that table of yours, Myrna. It has life and a mission and good for it if it is its identity.

  8. I love it. And our table too serves many purposes - and food is the least of it.

  9. The table and all its usefulness ~ I recall our table was used as study table, for play and sometimes as a makeshift altar ~ I appreciate your personal share of your table ~ May it serve the family needs well ~ Have a good week ~

  10. I like how you opened with the doormat...building up interest to the main "character".

  11. I have a few tables, all of them cluttered with my stuff. Maybe I should respect what they do a bit better!

  12. My table resonates with yours at some degrees, but no sculptures so far... :)x