Wednesday, November 12, 2014


My bag of marbles.

You arrived in a dream,
apparently created 
by a composite of my hopes
my wishes for an alter-ego
made of rainbows contained
in glass, that rolls around
life with ease
knowing its purpose
is to help me travel
over jagged edges
that don't bend.

You asked me to write about you.
I did but kept you hidden 
in a little manuscript
where you hibernate
waiting for me to wake
you, to expose  
your warm, marble-ous gift to myself,
to others who may welcome
your existence.

I keep saying, "Someday."
You persist in gentle whispers,
"Now, please."

(Kid Marble is an androgynous character made of marbles.  I've written a simple little children's story about him and maybe someday I'll find the courage to create a little book.)

(For Poetry Jam.)


  1. Oh Myrna, DO create that book. There are so many easy online self-publishing places, like, where they give you the template, it is easy, I have done a number of books this way. Think what a gift it would be to give your grandchildren. E me, I'll help you!

  2. I keep saying, "Someday."
    You persist in gentle whispers,
    "Now, please."
    marble-ous gift to myself
    It could be time to share. Please.

  3. Oh I think your should definitely do your book! That is how dreams come to fruition! Go for it!

  4. One of my sayings is 'When if not now?' I do hope you fulfill that dream and work on the book now....this dream is possible.

  5. This is exciting! I hope you do write that book, Myrna! I like the fist stanza and how Kis Marble was born.

  6. Soon. Please. Pretty please with sugar on top?

  7. "Now please" gentle whisper...time has come, wake him up Myrna...please...

  8. I like the alter-ego made of rainbows - sounds like it good be an interesting read.

  9. This poem really inspiring, saying about your wishes aloud :) Let, Kid Marble exist soon.. ! :)

  10. Myrna,

    Thank you so much for sharing even a hint about this wonderful character. The best dreams can reveal much for us to put into new words!!


  11. Write that book, Myrna! What comes to us in creative dreams can't be ignored!