Friday, November 21, 2014


Next to the word, 'health', 
in the Dictionary Imaginaire,
is a picture of my 86 year old aunt.

The autobiographic definition declares,
"A modern beautiful woman, desired
by all the old men in the Senior dwelling
where she lives."

My aunt Hilda has no qualms 
with self description.
"My lovely hair is beyond compare.
All are amazed by my apparent youth,
I love to drive, help family, others too,
I dance, I sing as often as I please. 
The beautiful things I sew and create
provoke envy in all who see.
Arthritis pain? I'd rather laugh.
That's my prescription for you."

(For Poets United.)

I wish I could be more clever in writing about my Aunt Hilda.  She has no false modesty, laughs in a way that tickles, loves her own arts and crafts, drives her daughter and granddaughter around (they never learned how to drive), most recently, she helped in decorating, fixing and painting her great-grandson's new apartment.  Her energy is limitless.  I love and admire her tremendously.)


  1. How WONDERFUL to have an Aunt Hilda in your life. Someone to look up to, to cherish, to aspire to become...

  2. I had a grandmother like that--lived lucidly until 103, but she wasn't as happy. Mom, however, gives me that prescription at 90! She's in much better shape than I and scoffs at the idea that I would take care of her. This is quite clever enough, Myrna--I'd love to see her picture in the dictionary and I like the piece of dialogue.

  3. laughter / being jolly is the best medicine :)

    aunt hilda is an inspiration

  4. you are lucky to have her Myrna...she's a powerhouse of a clever poem full of fun...

  5. WOW! She sounds amazing - and a lot of fun.

  6. Wow! I like the humorous description of health as your aunt Hilda definition! Blessed with positive attitude, caring, creative and funny, she indeed drive the weather at her home.x