Thursday, November 6, 2014


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I'd never been to a state fair,
nor did I know about the bigness
of Texas then, or care
about what was viewed as scarcity
in our lives.  Money played
no part in our happiness.

So we went anyway to enjoy
what was free.  We had a blast
looking at the curly haired cows,
well groomed fat pigs, puffy chickadees,
all competing beauties on display
like the rodeo queen bestowing tired blessings
with wave of her hands, to the joyous people
slurping barbecue sauce from well cooked meat
that we could not afford, but loved how the wafting
of it's smoke engulfed us like a fog
of dreams taking shape.

Our lives are so different now.
We've seen many cows, pigs, chickens too, 
eaten lots of meat, been to rodeos,
waved to their queens, lived fairy dreams
so unlike what we thought
they'd be.

We're in a different state now,
don't go to fairs, but still
mostly enjoy what's free.

(For Dverse Poets,)


  1. There was a time, a blink in God's eye, 60 years ago, before technology became the focus for all youth, when a stick became a buffalo rifle, when your father's hat made you Roy, or Hoppy, or Gene; when a rubber knife turned you into Tarzan; fun from free things, or nearly free; imagination unleashed, taxed to the max; where as today bastard boredom sets in as the batteries run low; don't get me started.

  2. smiles...i remember going to fairs we could not afford...we never really noticed it back then...and we still enjoy free as well...dont need much...

  3. I think the fair is always a good place to enjoy a day of fun and color. There is much that can be enjoyed without any fee and it's a rare fair day that doesn't produce good memories. Thank you for this very fine poem.

  4. Snap.
    A different state, literal and metaphorical, and the 'free' things are priceless. As they always were.

  5. There is nothing wrong with enjoying what is free and there is much to see at the fair.

  6. same over here... there was a time when we couldn't afford it and now i don't really need to have it... the only money i spend at the basel autumn fair is the 10 CHF (about 10 dollars) for the ferris wheel ride.. otherwise enjoying the lights and people and scents and sounds..

  7. I really enjoy the state fair every year. And yes, there are so many free things to enjoy. So many sights and sounds. One can spend money if one wants, but to me the things that are most enjoyable at the fair are the things that are free.

  8. I wonder how many take for granted that freedom you are so glad to have..Good write.

  9. we did the same - I never there were so many chickens, or rabbits - but just reading this recalled some fond childhood memories.

  10. Alas fair are not common here.. it sounds like a lot of fun and goodies that I have missed.. but mostly what's free is better for you anyway.

  11. Sometimes it is like Bjorn says. Most of the best things in life are free.

  12. I like your take and agree...but when it's book-fair i'm like a kid you know, never missing a stall, & going on a spending spree..oh my i'm crazy about book fair..unfortunately it's not a yearly event in our town...

  13. Ah, now methinks you've tricked me here, and your poem isn't really about fairs at all, seems other meanings were spilling over as I read. Thanks.

  14. Me too, Myrna. We do ave a small fall fair here complete with animals and home crafts etc.....for me, it is more than exciting enough to walk about and look at everything, enjoy the dazzle of the lights, and spend not a penny......well except for a bag of donuts - fair donuts are wicked good.

  15. There are many, many enjoyable things that are free. Well done.