Saturday, October 25, 2014


We walk slowly, between, around
booths and people smiling at us
but mostly at Leroy, our naughty dog
who gets petted in abundance,
a little more than he deserves.

A choir of old people sings off key,
while a curious crowd listens respectfully.
Young musicians compete for attention, hopeful
that dollars will fill their donation buckets
the way their ambition fills their future.
A little extra falls from our pockets 
to the homeless guy singing old Spanish songs 
with a loud joyous voice, hardly heard.

We admire crafty people's art,
but keep our promise not to buy
what we don't need though we wish
we could support them and so many other things.

Onions, squash, bean sprouts, greens,
the impossible to live without
healthy doggie treats come home
in our car where you squeese my hand
as we silently agree on how nourishing, 
how sacred is the ordinary.


  1. how nourishing and sacred is the ordinary... so perfectly put.. so very true... love to visit the farmer's market... and like you - not only for the food but also for the people that are around... would've loved to listen a bit to that spanish singing guy..

  2. How sacred is the ordinary, I love the ending ~ There are lots of stuff to buy in the farmer's market - definitely veggies is on my list ~ If only we could support these local businessmen the whole year through ~ Have a good weekend ~

  3. Like Claudia, I just think your closing line is perfect... and so true. I too enjoy the Farmer's market for the produce and the atmosphere. We were really there with you today.

  4. I enjoy a Farmer's market as you can always get fresh produce at a fair price. I also like to support the local growers.

  5. I love that hand squeeze and "how sacred is the ordinary".

  6. This is beautiful Myrna, we have farmers markets here too, very popular. I do love how you end this poem, the ordinary can really be something can't it.

  7. Your poem evokes contentment and happiness of a long term harmonious relationship.Very nice !

  8. Ah.. this reminds me of the sights.. sounds.. and smells of our farmer's markets too.. in the somewhat agricultural area.. i still do live in.. the wood floors.. the textures of fresh fruits.. that are not sprayed in countries afar.. were the life blood of sweat and muscle.. bring forth a bounty.. of love in food.. to share with others.. yes.. for money.. but still.. the farmer's lifeblood.. lives in the products...:)they truly touch.. to bring to others...

  9. That last line rocks! But we have to see the ordinary first, reading the entire market through the eyes of the couple. Very fine.

  10. Beautiful. And thank you. And can any dog (or person) ever get too much appreciation?

  11. I too love this last line and where this piece goes--the ordinary is sacred!

  12. How sacred is the ordinary - a wonderful poem of an ordinary day - and then with your last line - transcendent.

  13. Loving life, and presenting it most wonderfully.... Enjoyed this.

  14. Indeed.. Coming home with the ordinary in a great package is something great.. So much more to experience along the way.. But the consumables has an advantage.

  15. The farmer's market can be an eye opener. The greenery all luscious and fresh are most attractive to buy.They can be good bargains too! People watching is an added bonus. Wonderful take Myrna!


  16. i would def support local over the big box...and do when i can...and i love going to the local market for all the local people you see...and their creativity...their art...and singing...there is usually at least one busker at ours...

  17. A wonderful piece! Yes, there is much to get at the farmer's market.

  18. I like so many things about this poem. The desire to support the vendors despite not wanting to buy anything, the sacred status of the ordinary, the feeling of comfort that comes with enjoying something with the person you love. Very nice poem.

  19. Farmer's markets all over the globe bring out the poet in each of us, being so close to nature's bounty, to other people who have paused long enough for momentary fellowship & study; and yes, your closing lines are killer; very feel good poetics, thanks.

  20. You capture the whole atmosphere of a Farmer's Market. Soon, In the California desert, where I spend a lot of time, we also avail ourselves of the experience. Here, in No. NV, it closes the first week of Oct. Love the dog!