Tuesday, October 14, 2014


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When I was a child, I sang along to Spanish tunes on the radio.
Mispronouncing words I thought I heard, 
made adults laugh, they thought it cute.

Once music in English came my way
American Bandstand is what made my day.
I wanted to be a carbon copy of those kids,
American as TV.

As a teen, I lived next door to the boy
who dreamed he'd become the next Tito Puente*.
Boom, boom, bang, clang.
His music rippled through the widows of my house
and my body.  He never knew I danced him,
loved him for the music he played.
But my love fizzled, like his dream.

Throughout my life different music has shaped me
with soul, salsa, classical blends and sprinkles of  
endless varieties of vibrations that pulse on earth.

Every time I hear new music I'm astonished.
It seems the different combination of notes will never cease.
I think it's infinite.

*Born Ernest Anthony Puente, Jr., Tito Puente is internationally recognized for his enormous and significant contributions to Latin music as a bandleader, composer, arranger, percussionist, and mentor.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.)


  1. I think it is infinite as well--I tend to love melody best but percussion is a wonderful thing as well--Liked this piece a bunch Myrna!

  2. YES! I love it! hearing new songs is such a sweet pleasure in life... And how u danced to the music of the boy next door, and he never knew; just goes to show, there's someone out there that appreciates what we do, whether we know it or not... smiles

  3. God, looking back at the American Bandstand days is a trip, isn't it; you got to the heart of the prompt with this one, & still kept it personal, immediate, relevant; nice job. The closing lines were killer.

  4. american bandstand...ha...that informed a generation...as did soul train and several of those dance party tv shows....def heavy metal and even into the grunge era made its way into my life....

  5. I like how music has shaped you through the years ~ I too feel awed by the wide selection of music now, its definitely infinite ~ Have a good week Myrna ~


  6. What a delightful poem, Myrna! I enjoyed your memories, what you liked and your aspirations as well as that boy next door. Jow nice that you still seem to be touched by the music you hear!

  7. some dreams fade, and others take their place - I enjoyed this, and I do think music and dreams are infinite.

  8. i'm glad that music comes in so many varieties and that still after so many years they find new ways of playing... when i was a kid i tried to sing english songs and mispronounced the words...smiles

  9. Oh, I remember American Bandstand too. And yes, music does influence and shape us. Amazing how the same notes rearranged can produce such different effects.

  10. I am pleased music has shaped your life ...I can relate to loving someone for their musical ability:)

  11. I like the curiosity in this - music can really lift you, and nothing's better than when you hear something that moves you in new ways.

  12. When much younger i truly too.. loved the AM Mexican radio S's.. fading in and growing..glowing.. at night.. like ghosts of the sandy desserts my foliage never knows...

    And yes.. truly too.. i do believe music is an infinite as the Uni VERSE true.. a galaxy and so many more combinations.. of a heart that never grows too much.. with love..:) and all the other emotion inspired and inspiring music that magicK musicK does maKe..:)2!

  13. music can do wonders..very nice Myrna

  14. Music has been such an integral part of my journey, too. Sad that your talented neighbor didnt realize his dream. I love the image of you singing, as a little one. Very cute.

  15. Very true - so many memories, so much love and attachment with music - how we grow up. You brought back a lot to me - wonderful take on the prompt...

  16. Music really accompanies us throughout our lives, the joys, the sorrows....and I agree that the different genres really can shape who we become...we learn something from each of them.
    I enjoyed your poem.