Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I'm home alone immersed in silence
while I stain blank page with my thoughts -
bleeding heavily 
from unhealing wounds.
I'm sorry but I can't clean this page, 
it exists here before you
as testimony of this world's
fading sanity.

I made the mistake of watching   
how those who record our lives, may shape them too
as they go along focusing on who is wed,
who not, while in the same telebreath
they show pure fear.
Ebola is not all that's contagious.

Fear has been lurking, waiting 
to be fertilized, energized, televised
infecting the world with terror.

We are all victims and villains in this epidemic
of war, devastation, cruelty to each other, to our planet.
We are all fighting in different directions,
by turning our heads, by confronting our dis/ease.

I'm not judging.  Just noticing 
how this is in me. 
Noticing too that silence isn't always soothing,
it allows those voices I've intentionally muffled
to shout, trying to wake me up.
I've slept too long.

From the corner of my eye, I see my plant 
quietly exuding wisdom.
She helps me, communicates that somehow
all WILL be as it should be. 
I don't fully understand. 
But while I've been ranting,
she's simply been growing greener.

    (Submitted to Dverse Poets.)


  1. i hope that all can be as it should...and that we are not over run with the negativity of the world...and caught up in finding our own style of justice because we feel the world has let us down in some way...growing a plant takes time and care...and willingness...it will grow without us as well...at times...

  2. Oh how I love this poem. My thoughts have been much the same this past week, the news just drives me crazy.........and my hope rests in the green and growing things that continue in the midst of human insanity. A really fantastic write, Myrna. I especially love seeing your heart on the page.

  3. Plants are living things as well... love how incorporated it into the write... they grow and live in total peace; must be nice... And yes, the Ebola scare is really gaining strength and holding a lot of people in fear. And the plan is to keep the people in fear; therefore, weak and easy to continue the government's reign of control...

  4. The dis/ease of what's recorded - how true we have to live with that! I love that one can find bliss by growing something - green becoming greener.

  5. Awwww, what a great way to convey that humbling feeling that plants can convey - they just keep on growing while we rant and rave and worry! And a great insight into your mind and heart, when you no longer muffle those voices...

  6. The image of unhealing wounds and bleeding are perfect...we are forced now to look at it and we are concerned for it is an insidious disease. Thanks for sharing your deep red thoughts.

  7. I do think sometimes we do have to consider those things of beauty in our own environment to bring sanity to our own world. Thinking about things like ebola spreading and our inability so far to cure it are frightening. Reminds me of the time of the black plague in the middle ages and so many deaths before finally a preventative/cure.

  8. There is something manipulative about today's media coverage, something that tamps down the shreds of enthusiasm we might have conjured that day. CNN does have its Hero show, but I think even beyond that, there needs to a HAPPY HOUR right around 7 p.m., & only "good news", however mundane, can be reported. I calm myself by standing next to the sea for a time, or in the midst of our many national forests; where only the sand fleas & mosquitos have a discouraging word.

  9. nice on the plant growing greener... they can be soothing...green always calms me down esp. when my mind is in a whirl and all thoughts are a big mess in desperate need of sorting... happens a lot to me...

  10. It can be so hard to accept things as they are.. and only attempt to change the things we might be able to.. but what other way truly is there.. as we are so small without the cooperative effort of others.. but a step is what i take.. and i try not to look back.. as if i do waiver in doubt.. or fear of past or future.. it only makes me weaker.. if i am to influence change at all.. we are ALL strong together.. but to divide is to conquer.. and perhaps one day.. unity.. will be the prize of more.. instead of discontent.. as prize of bonding force.. of harrowed human...being.. instead of peaceful loving joy...

    Joy is a force like no other.. so perhaps one day.. it will be More the victor. while discontent and separating forces.. loose their binding grip...

  11. You took us on a journey and brought us back to sanity - nice

  12. Oh I love how you ended this...
    Very thought provoking. I agree that we are surrounded and infected with so much disaster and cruelty that we forget how easy it could be to just live and grow in peace.

  13. Hey Myrna--let's hope all the plants grow greener without our noticing them, and that the devastation we keep wrecking gets noticed (and stopped!) A very true poem, thanks. And thanks so very much for getting and reading my book. That is truly kind of you. K.