Wednesday, October 22, 2014


A little banged up from a recent fall,
but enjoying a milk shake.

She wakes me up.
Takes me to the bathroom.
Why?  I can walk myself for goodness sake.
It's just a few steps from bed.
I eat.  Thank God there's coffee today.
There's never any coffee here.

I'm tired, I hurt so much.
I'm going to sleep.

She wakes me up.
brings me food ... and coffee.
Thank God.  There's never any coffee here.

I'm hurting.  I must have a fever.
What are those people doing up in that tree?
Oh how cute.  The women have babies.
I don't know how they live up there.
There are so many of them.
Must be having a party.

There she goes again.  That old bitch!
Bet she doesn't even really need that walker.
I'm hurting.  I'm going to sleep.

Oh hi.  I was just thinking of you.
No.  I don't feel well.  I hurt all over.
Okay I'll get up.  I can't drink all that.
It's too much.  Too much. Yes, it's good.

How are the kids?  Who did you leave them with?'
(Slurp, slurp, slurp)

Of course I know you're my son.
Sure turn it on. (slurp)
Who's that, what's he saying?
That man looks like he has boobs. Ha.
Look at those people.  Can you believe
they live up in that tree.  
You'd think it gets too cold at night.

Ha.  I'm trying to get the cherry.

And where's my son?  Why didn't he come today?
What? You're leaving already? Ok.
I'm going to sleep for a little while.


In the evening she eats again.
Puts the cheerios in her soup, 
drinks her milk and thanks God
for her coffee.

At around 8pm she remembers
it's time to go home and cook.
In a plastic garbage bag she packs
some adult diapers, a fork and spoon,
the TV remote control, a bra,
and slippers.
She argues with the nice girl
who won't let her leave 
but brings her some coffee
(caffeinated 'cause her blood pressure is low).
Afterwards, she's tired,
goes to sleep.
The next day repeats.

I've stopped wondering 
about the quality of her days.
There are reasons for life
I don't understand.
She used to be depressed,
today she's pretty happy.
I'm grateful for that
and that any time she wants,
they bring her coffee.

(For Poets United.)


  1. ache.

    so hard, but you captured it
    so well.

  2. this phase of life of growing old and infirm is heartbreaking and scary Myrna..."I've stopped wondering / about the quality of her days." sighs and tears are suppressed here...a poignant write

  3. I love the ending...sometimes life is unfathomable but to find the thing that comforts in that moment is what counts...always

  4. Very touching poem, Myrna. I think you are wise to have stopped wondering about the quality of her days and to do the best you can for her, which it is very obvious you do; and yes, good that she can have her coffee!

  5. Oh how I love this. You have captured this time of her life EXACTLY. I remember my Grandma, in her NINETIES, disgusted that she had to live "with all these OLD people." So sweet that she is grateful for her coffee, every time, because there never is any. Smiles. Terribly sweet and poignant. A lovely old dear.

  6. Myrna I do understand. I believe there is a reason we have our loved ones even as their health is failing - it is more for us than for them. Is that a surprise? They were always there for us...
    A dear poem that you will cherish.

  7. My heart is buzzing and tears decorate my eyes. Myrna--both poems are--or the one full poem is exquisite and true. I like how you captured an elderly voice I recognize; I like how your narrator perceives happiness. She seems more happy than some, anyway, a little frustrated but not scared. And there are reasons for life we don't understand, for sure. I wish I had written this poem.

  8. beautiful have said it all there ..perfect..

  9. oh how happy life at 94 sounds. I think I can imitate some of your good moments here if I ever get to 94. But if God wills it. Have an awesome life Myrna! You're still rockin' it!!!

  10. 94 - wow - she looks so elegant - i'm glad she's happy in her confusion - it must be tough if the world becomes a mix of reality and imagination - maybe tougher for the family and people who care for someone than for the person themselves..

  11. Very touching Myrna ~ I was just talking to my folks, and its all about aches and pains ~ The day repeats itself, like the conversations, must take a lot of patience in y our part ~ Thanks for the personal share dear Myrna ~


  12. What a day it must be to witness that. I can imagine and know that pain.

  13. there are reasons for life and also for living; we really dont know why, indeed
    Thanks for sharing your precious words
    and, thank you for dropping in at my blog

    muh love...

  14. Oh, a sad-happy situation. But perhaps worse for her family. She sounds interested in life as she perceives it, and it's great that the coffee she so enjoys is a new treat every time!