Sunday, September 28, 2014


Every day deserves a party
with ice cream, cake, streamers,
dance music to shake awake whatever
lies dormant, unmoved by what it takes
for granted in revolutions exploding
like tiny rainbow bombs of fascination.
Because that's what's in this world.

Yes, there's trouble too, everywhere
trying to drown out the music that makes us move
our hips girating, grinding with passion into the earth,
raising our hands, praising ourselves, waving 
to wild tempos blended from the cries of our ancestors
who clap for us to the beat of victory.

But trouble can't turn down the volume
of our natural fascination.
So, let's stomp our feet to beating drums
declaring WE ARE  
deeply the same while magically distinctive,
a clamor of harmony, a living party.

(Submitted to Poets United.)

This was written in response to a prompt earlier this week by Susan at Mid Week Motif.  She asked us to be inspired by Heritage Day in South Africa.  My internet was down, so I thought I'd wait 'til now to post this.  


  1. Oh I feel the need to dance.. Joyfully stomping my feet to your tune.

  2. Oh yes, Myrna! We really should party. I like the idea of stomping to beating drums. Sounds cathartic to me! Smiles.

  3. love the light and peace of this one.

  4. Love this. Celebrating the positive is so much better for us than dwelling in the dark places. Even for those of us (me) with at least three left feet. No-one could be as unco-ordinated as I am with only two feet.

  5. I'm definitely coming to this celebration--it'll raise my spirits and heal the wounds earned in dealing with devastation. Love. Thanks for letting me know this is for the Midweek motif, too. Perfect!

  6. Myrna, this is so joyful that you even made this exhausted, beaten down granny want to get up and boogie!!!! LOL. I think this beat might just drown out the news of trouble everywhere. I especially love "We ARE ...a clamor of harmony, a living party."

  7. Let's get it on! Love the spirit in this.

  8. its all in what we allow to control our day...the light or the shadow...or just appreciate both of them as textures of something so much greater...smiles.

  9. How important it is to feel alive and your poem clearly demonstrates that. Humans have always had that need to celebrate with dance.

  10. Declaring 'WE ARE' is the best celebration ever..great poem Myrna

  11. there is both - the beat and the off-beat - the harmonic tunes and the sept chords - ha - we shouldn't let anything stop us from dancing...often enough i do - sadly - thanks for the up-beat encouraging message myrna