Wednesday, September 10, 2014



I look at the sky, wonder
does the cosmos sing?
Is it's tune always one of harmony,
even when planets collide, 
stars burn out or fall 
through black holes, dimming
their shine?

The earth, does it have an anthem
or two?  

One low keyed, smooth,
a caress of aesthetic notes, 
that soothes pain, heals heart disease
inherent to humanity's condition,
while evolving higher, higher -
in sympathetic resonance 
with the highest good.

The other a trembling cacophony
of clashes, clangs, booms so loud,
their violence cracks, destroys the ground,
disturbing, uncreating creation,
killing, stifling peaceful sound waves 
into silence.

Us.  We know the lyrics to both songs.
Which music do we chose to sing along.

(Submitted to Poets United.)


  1. Myrna... i think you are right we do know both the songs we become what we are by what we chose to sing... the song of love of destruction makes us human or animal!!

  2. "We know both songs" So we make the choice! Wow! Nicely exposed. Vivid. Challenging.

  3. Fine way to end this piece..maybe we change..with time and knowledge...mood and would be nice if harmony always won out though

  4. "Does the cosmos sing?" Beautiful. Yes, I imagine it does. I read something in the 90's by researchers who discovered our planet gives off a hum, from its center, a song of if Earth does, the cosmos must too and I'll bet it is beautiful beyond belief. I love the idea of "resonating higher in sympathetic resonance to the highest good." What an amazing sentence -and concept. May it happen and soon! I love "We know both songs.....which music do we choose to sing along?" Large governing bodies need to change their tune to that of we common folk. Great write, Myrna! Loved it.

  5. Cosmos sings at higher frequencies melody...but you're right we chose to add to it happy sounds or distractive. Important poem x

  6. Love it. And wish (so much) that we would/could, learn to harmonise better. Much better.

  7. Ah! If only we could choose but for the most of us the songs are just ripples in the river as we sit by the bank unable to stop the flow.

  8. it is our choice indeed which song we sing... love the idea of even the universe and everything having their own song and melody, always depending on how things go.. like it is in music... that is a cool comparison the caress of aesthetic notes,
    that soothes pain.... a good song can indeed...

  9. We should all sing Unchained Melody. Four of us thought of it immediately we saw the prompt.

  10. we know both the songs..and the choice is our too..beautiful Myrna