Sunday, September 14, 2014



"I'm gonna let him run loose in the desert today," my husband says.
Please. We could lose him," I say, as my heart descends
to that place shaking inside
where imagined tragedies lurk, dangling
from cloak of threatening storm clouds.

The dog sits sadly.  Stares at the door.
He'll chase no rabbits today.
I refuse the risk of losing him.

Yes, I know.
Loss is to living what oxygen is to breath.
We can stop it, hold, delay it a while
'til life inevitably exhales grief,
such a huge part of living and dying.

But, I'm glad I didn't let my lovable, loyal, 
playful, unpredictable, disobedient dog run
free.  I know the history of how I found him,
running - hungry, frightened,
on the verge of death.

I watch him sleeping peacefully now
not knowing what he lost or gained,
or if I'm heroine or villain
in his dreams.

(Submitted to Poetry Pantry.)





  1. the dog is lucky indeed...some adjectives made me smile and love the happy ending...

  2. This tugs at my heart.. a dog is such a friend.. and you want the best for him... still if he runs away and gets lost.. how do you tell him what's best for him?

  3. i don't think i could keep him inside if he looked at me like that. even with cats, i wanted them to keep in, but the nature prevailed in them.. and yes, losing them.. heartbreaking.

  4. A well written juxtaposition of love and risk :-)

  5. I am so with you. The anxiety hag makes me loses chances, and probably also makes me take them away from others. And now I am again wondering whether I am right to constrain my world.
    Thank you.

  6. Beautiful poem! Our companions don't know how hard these decisions are to make, how they wrench at our hearts. My cat, fortunately, seems to forget these indignities and so I think I'm giving her something she needs. That's probably true for Leroy as well.

  7. I can totally understand your hesitation and final decision. I would have a hard time letting a dog run loose, even knowing it would enjoy it.

  8. Myrna,

    There are times when our instinct must be obeyed and listened to...Sometimes, control is in fact a near blessing in disguise, as later events just might reveal..

  9. I understand why you wouldn't let the dog run loose! I have three dogs, and I would never trust them to be off leash. I am a very protective 'dog mom,' and it seems you are too. You are a heroine in my eyes, Myrna.

  10. I love the flow of your thoughts and feelings.....the need to protect is so strong...he is adorable!

  11. He is adorable but, best to use wise judgement when it comes to our animal friends as the thought of losing them is unbearable..I think you would be the heroine of his dreams.

  12. We don't have pets in the house but I am empathize with your affection for losing your beloved pet ~ Hope the dog has good dreams, smiles ~

  13. Oh this is so much a part of my heart--mine is a rescue--but a young one--at least then--I would probably not let mine out either--

  14. I think you are the One in his eyes...and I sure he values your company while walking on the lash . ~ Our pats always feel the love and so dedicated.... ~ Nice poem, I enjoyed.

  15. Oh I totally understand as my dog ran away once and got me so worried I lost him. Luckily he found his way back home. Pets are like family and it's natural to feel protective of them. You can still walk him but keep him on a leash ~ it's safer for the dog. Smiles :)

  16. Having gone through the tragedy of a being in the street once one just cannot take the risk again. It had suffered which was enough! Touching write Myrna!


  17. The last line is very thought provoking. His innate desire to run free or your innate desire to protect him. Good one.!

  18. Definitely a heroine, I'll say! I bet he speaks those feelings with every single look and doggy grin. ♥

  19. Decisions, decisions, whether or not we like the exercise, they have to be made, what i like about this tale is the happy ending, you .are happy with decision you made, as well as the consequences of risk you had to forgo, so all's well that ends well, and Leroy, well he's non the wiser
    You packed a punch of really skillful imaging , a really nice poem

    Thanks for stopping over at my blog

    Much love...

  20. Yeah, the runners are the ones who always worry us the most.

  21. it is difficult to know how much protection is good and when overprotection starts... i have a hard time letting go as well usually...

  22. I so hear you, Myrna. My son took my adorable new granddog hunting today and I am terrified the gunshot will terrify him and he'll run away. But he wouldnt listen to me. I wont rest till I hear he is safely back home.