Wednesday, September 3, 2014


"a little fairytale 2" by Claudia

"Everyone thinks I am what I'm not," said  Alli the alligator.
"I'm gentler, though no pushover. Look closely, notice
my jaw is smoother, prettier I say.
No need to display teeth, I hide
my aggression 'till the right time.
My color is rich, dark green unlike them
with their plain, neutral shades, contradictions
of who they really are. We both bite hard
that's true, but we're different.
Can you tell?"

"Oh yes. I see." said Alli's friend, Jinko.
who didn't need comparisons. But he knew
Alli needed to impress.
It was a flaw that made him lovable.

"I've never met a crocodile," said Jinko,
but I'm sure you're nicer than them.
Me, I look like no one else.
My identity's mysterious, I'm searching
to find out who I am."

Alli was perplexed to hear
his friend. How could Jinko not see
that he was goodness itself?

"Got anything to snack on?"
Alli was hungry again.
Jinko brought out some fish cookies for sharing.
 This they liked to do most of all.
They ate.  Each thought the other a little strange,
but liked him just the same.
Happily, they resumed their game.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.)


  1. Your poem made me smile, Myrna! There are some good lessons within. Sometimes you can't judge a 'person' by his appearance (all 'crocodiles' don't bite); and I also like the idea of friends enjoying each others' strangeness.' Those are special friends!

  2. awww...that's so sweet Myrna just as friendship should be...

  3. Oh, what an absolutely delightful vignette!

  4. Friendship really can cross boundaries, can't it. A good poem to illustrate it. And... better to come to dinner than for dinner if your host is an alligator :)

  5. smiles...def good lessons...had extended homeroom this morning...and my kids and i got into a very similar conversation....about understanding their worth....and seeing who they are...beyond the tough persona

  6. What a sweet fable, Myrna! Flaws can be very lovable indeed, in loved ones.

  7. aawwwww i love your little tale myrna... friendship's just like that... accepting the other as they are - probably finding them a bit strange sometimes but enjoying the time together... very cool..

  8. The sweetness that they like each other despite the differences contains all the moral.. so nice (at least as long as there are fishcakes)

  9. Nice tale about friendship and tolerance.
    Well done with the picture and color descriptions.

  10. How fun to read this Myrna ~ Friends do not notice differences just what they like and that's a good thing, smiles ~ Those fish cookies look inviting ~

  11. Those are the best friends who love us in spite of...

  12. Great sweet take on the sketch; I considered using that image, but wasn't feeling whimsical enough to do it; glad you were; smiles.

  13. ah...what interesting friendship. there is nothing wrong with being a little odd, and if your friends can't appreciate that in you, well they wouldn't be your friends. a very cute tale.

  14. Wonderful story using Claudia's reads easily and contains all necessary...

  15. Lovely Myrna, gave me a smile as I read your tale.

  16. Very cool tale for the painting. Beautifully set in poetry and its dialogue. I like its teaching. This could be a children's book with the right illustrator.

  17. To be able to adapt among friends would be a good thing! A fun take Myrna! Love it!


  18. They see the goodness in each other … AND it probably is always a good idea to have snacks on hand when friends with a crocodile….even a friendly one :)