Saturday, September 27, 2014


"Create Your Own Magic" by Brooke Shaden

"Believing is seeing," said the blind girl
to the irritated realist who was unable to explain colors
how they're fading, all is dimming.
How a film, like a cataract, opaques the sun
making his world a shadow of what it could be.

"I don't know about the sun or its shadows,
I feel the world I see." she said. 
as she walked away.

She extended her arms so her hands could touch,
remove obstructions in her way.  She tripped a lot.
Her imagination only saw outside this world, 
the one she'd never seen.

He stumbled often on his walks. Got hurt
because his hard, certain steps assumed what he saw was real. 
Forgetting or refusing to see the shadows,
he cursed the sun for not being brighter.

Being stuck on a tiny planet made it impossible
for them not cross paths often, though they didn't like it.
They both dreamed of another world, a bigger planet,
where people walked in all directions, clearly sighted.
"Dreams are just dreams," they sighed in consolation,
stumbling, falling, walking in circles.

One day, apparently by accident, (though there may be no such thing)
their hands touched. They were struck by lightening.

Now they walk together, though they don't always like it,
but they know that holding hands with one who sees
more or less can brighten visions on a little planet,
prevent falls, reduce stumbling.  They understand 
that touching and seeing have similarities,
they both heat the sun, making their tiny world grow,
glow like magic.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.)

Earlier in the week, Grace prompted us to be inspired by the work of Brooke Sheldon.  My internet was down for several days so I didn't get to post my poem. Hope it's okay to do so now.



  1. Colors are hard to explain to a person born blind ~

    There are eyes to see and eyes to really see the world around us ~ I like how the two people found touch to be comforting, like an assurance that one is not alone in this world ~ This is a lovely response Myrna ~

    Thanks so much for joining in and wishing you happy weekend ~

  2. I really like the idea that holding hands with one who sees can brighten visions on a small planet. And, Myrna, I think I BELIEVE in this kind of magic! Smiles.

  3. story on them finding each other...and i am sure learning to see things in new ways from each other....i have a deaf child in my class this year...and it has been challenging...but in good ways too...smiles.

  4. I enjoyed your poetic tale, Myrna, and how they found comfort in walking together, holding hands and complementing each other.

  5. You know...while some may enjoy the romantic end, I'm not sure it needed it. The piece alone, as simply a message of different viewpoints, different ways to see the world, seemed powerful enough without it.

  6. I have learned for myself the danger of too-sure steps. This is a beautiful poem. Thank you, Myrna.

  7. A story for our times. We need to walk together...
    Loved this - thank you.

  8. How one wonders that little things mean a lot if only one cares to appreciate! How does one describe colors to the visually impaired? Great thoughts Myrna!


  9. amazing what it can take to walk together

  10. What a marvelous story!!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it, Myrna!

  11. You brought new meaning to the photo..a lovely story of sharing and making things a little brighter which we need.

  12. Ah..the true beauty of capture well here with your words..

    As long as the blind are not leading the blind...
    And as long as those who cannot feel or touch others are not leading each other...

    The whole thing works together as it should..
    And we can thank diversity for making that happen..when together as ONE. :)

  13. A touching piece Myrna... With Best Wishes Scott

  14. i love how they found each other and walk together now - even though i can imagine that it's not always easy - but they certainly are a good match as they see the world in such different ways that it broadens their horizon and gives them a much better view of things

  15. What a magical piece Myrna - I love the line 'how a film, like a cataract, opaques the sun''s how life can feel at times..also reminded me of The Little Prince...all alone up there on the moon...even if we don't like company I think we need to walk with someone

  16. I'm very glad you posted your poem to the picture prompt on OLN. I often miss the prompts, don't quite have time to participate... and it would have been a shame to 'lose' this poem of yours. You capture so well that dreamy quality of the photographs in your poem... and I particularly like the last two lines.

  17. This read like a tale of wisdom.. they both had things to learn from each other (and maybe that's why they didn't really like it..)

  18. I love the story you tell here--made my day a little brighter

  19. That fourth stanza and the assumptions of reality is striking. A deep and insightful write, Myrna.

  20. Never believe "impossible". Hope for possible… This is very uplifting.

  21. A lovely, almost fable-like story... the way they find and balance each other is beautiful.