Sunday, August 10, 2014


We avoid crowds my dog and I,
walking the long paved road
zigzagging its descent to town.

We stay away
from hustle, commotion,
traffic going against the red,
compulsive consumption of goods (or is it bads?),
people undead, or so alive,
or wealthy, or needy,
or unkind, or nice
or merely living
their drama of emotion.

we came across vultures flying.
Obedient to their nature,
they performed aerial gothic dance
above a dead coyote.

A woman jogged by in dusty puff,
her head so high,
a neon of 'Do not disturb'.
Tried but couldn't
ignore my heartfelt intrusion, "HELLO!"

We saw rainbow birds,
 brave wild flowers blooming,
rebelling against the desert's rule
permitting only mild hue of anaemic green.

We greeted a distant neighbor in her yard.
Artificial smile,
no twinkle, just tears.
"Did you know? My husband died. So suddenly.
I've got a new puppy now, I'll be fine."

We gasped (we always do), my dog and I,

when we turn back home,
seeing beauty in rocky monstrous mountain mass,
a giant, steadfast in its stare, watching us.

We stayed away but life
found me and my dog,
playing hide n' seek,
on the road that descends to town.

(Submitted to Poets United.)


  1. my husband died, so i got a dog -- well that would set me back just bit as well...ha..we saw vultures today as we were driving home from church...he was flying right beside 10 feet from the was weird and cool all at once.

  2. To walk those roads - there's always an adventure.. Much more than being artificially neede

  3. performed aerial gothic dance - This is great and really sums up for me your excellent poem, that gothic dance of nature.

  4. enjoyed the walk Myrna...felt like i was with you too..what wonderful glimpses of unperturbed flow of life...

  5. interesting interactions and life behind them.

  6. I love the snapshot of your Sunday morning ~ I haven't seen vultures doing their gothic dance though ~ There's always beauty in the desert and mountains ~ Happy weekend Myrna ~

  7. Beautiful - and moving.
    Crowds bother me - but so do individuals some days.
    There is much more peace, serenity and beauty in nature. I loved walking with you and your companion. Thank you.

  8. Myrna - you poet, you! This is beautiful. It's a play, a tragedy, with comic relief from insight, and acceptance, resignation and a strong will to see the good while acknowledging the bad.

  9. What a beautiful area you live in. I love the photo, love the image of you and your dog walking.....startling the woman who lost her husband but will be fine because she got a dog.........though I think it's a smart thing for her to do!! This is a poem about a slice of real life on a Sunday afternoon in your town. Very cool.

  10. I like this, Myrna. Walks are so much better when one has a dog to walk with, I think. I enjoyed seeing the views through your eyes. Interesting how life finds a person even if they try to stay away. Smiles.

  11. I enjoyed this walk with you and your dog, Myrna, a slice of real life with real people. I like the complicity between you and your dog and I, too, am a little abashed when this distant neighbor says a puppy will make her be fine.

  12. A walk is a great inspiration for see so many facets of reality ; the circling vultures, the do not disturb woman (hilarious) and the beauty of the desert. Nice one!

  13. Such an excellent description - your details really bring the scene to life. I especially appreciate the skill with which you phrased the stanza about the vultures.

  14. love all the images... the neon woman, the flowers rebelling against the desert's rule, the vultures - have never seen one in real - and gasped as well at the bit with the new puppy after her hubs died.. hopefully he gives her a bit of comfort... sorry i'm late - i'm sick and had heavy fever and chill those last two days... slowly recovering and catching up...

  15. One needs companionship to share joys and lonely moments. A dog is a great substitute for someone dear. Being together on a Sunday morning is beautiful.Wonderful write Myrna!


  16. i really enjoyed this.

    i understand the need to avoid the world, sometimes, in order to enjoy it.

    and the accompanying picture of the mountains is beautiful!

    stacy lynn mar