Wednesday, August 6, 2014



A brain! Lovingly transplanted
by ego/scientist hoping to discover
mechanism of life.
An experiment untested,
electrified with hope -
that death can,
with little help from nature,
be reversed.

Sadly, the world wasn't ready.
Homemade monster, misunderstood,
wanted to do good,
It didn't work.

It's different today.
The world's advanced.
No one believes in monsters,
or that we can be
genetically engineered at the core,
nurtured by big brother's corporate intentions,
to produce gains by messing with grains,
veggies, fruits and more
with altered seeds,

Didn't really finish this poem, but I'm out of thoughts. Just concerned over the long term effects of genetically engineered foods. 

(Submitted to Poetry Jam.)


  1. I do believe in monsters. All too often we are monsters.
    And share your concern with genetically modified/engineered foods.
    And love your poem.

  2. ha. oh monsters can be created, just a little more close to home these days
    and there is some def programming going on from a young age
    shaping them...for what is to come...

    sounds rather ominous doesnt it...smiles.

  3. I am just as concerned about the long term effects of all the messing with food that is going on. Processed food is bad enough but the whole GMO thing freaks me out........great topic, Myrna!! God help anyone who gets MY brain! It's been all used up! hee hee.

  4. A really interested take on the prompt, Myrna. Monsters - homemade or not - are still monsters. A very timely and creative articulation of the potentially alarming repercussions of genetically engineered foods.

  5. I too am concerned about this genetic engineering of plants. Food is no longer what it used to be after all of the tweaking humans have done. We really need to keep getting the word out. Your poem is a cautionary tale.

  6. As you say, we are pretty clueless regarding the long-term effects of GMOs. They seem all the more senseless as they are hardly necessary. But before they are totally phased out, I guess we can rely on homegrown and homemade.

  7. Made me think of poor ol' Frankenstein. I love what you started.

  8. lovely sentiment, well expressed

  9. I hear the echo of Monsanto in the word monster...and I love this layered poem...

  10. You can engineer humans now. Elton John mixed his and his partners sperm together and created children. You get knighthoods instead of being locked up for this.GM foods is natural in a sick world like ours

  11. No one knows the effects of lots of things we are doing to ourselves. It's difficult to pay attention to the latest and greatest ideas, as they are soon discarded, often for the original homegrown ways. Thought provoking.

  12. Monsters are real, it is just we don't see them. Great way this is expressed and makes me think.

  13. this day and age, i'm waiting for them to create a clone or robot that destroys the world. or...maybe i've been watching too much science fiction in my free time lol. great write!

    stacy lynn mar

  14. Indeed, we create monsters even when we have the best intentions... Teh road to hell, they say, is paved with good intentions!