Sunday, July 6, 2014


I sip my coffee, watch, listen.
Dogs run around smelling rabbits, quail,
the unseen.
An artful breeze plays chimes,
vibrations reverberate, penetrate
as a bird sings along
to music of my Sunday.

I get lost
for a moment
as if floating in the space
between words
where nothing and everything can be.
I love it there.

Then my dogs bark
as a car whizzes by,
my phone dings a text,
my husband is up, "Breakfast?"

Winking at a hawk that flies silently over my house,
I join the symphony.

 (Submitted to Poets United.)


  1. Ah, sometimes there are so many things that interrupt the much so that we eventually relent and join in!

  2. ah, to get lost in a moment can be so peaceful.,a friend once told me to linger in those moments for they are rare..

  3. nothing and everything can happen... beautiful.

  4. is nice to be up before the music see the world stand outside of the song for a second in peace like that...and then of course to sing...smiles.

  5. I enjoyed your morning scene and felt as if I was a close neighbor, watching you from the corner of my eye before you disappeared to have breakfast.

  6. I love the morning solitude, stillness and bird songs before sounds and symphony begins ~ Have a lovely week Myrna ~

  7. Myrna, we have the same wind chimes ! Dont they have a wonderful tone? I adore mine! Looks like a great sitting area there - though I long to peep over the wall and see the desert! I love that silent moment out of time, and then all the normal busyness jolting you back to reality....sounds like a lovely Sunday morning altogether. How you must love being home!

  8. So nice peaceful scenery you drew...I can hear the sounds....and even dogs and husband appear on the background of it like the solo...~ Enjoyed! :)

  9. How nice to be together at breakfast early morning. The soul is rubbed in a nice way to start the day! Nicely Myrna!


  10. how beautiful serene moments the mornings offer've captivated it perfectly and I also like your joining in the symphony :)...beautiful lines

  11. There is a certain serenity one may attain by being in the comfort of home space.

  12. This sent me into a sympathetic reverie of my own - for which I thank you. A beautiful, serene, harmonious start to the day.

  13. this is such a summer poem! I enjoy the images it brings up for me!!!

  14. So beautiful. Thank you for this serenity and peace and your warm wishes for us :)! Back to you.

  15. Myrna, you've created an ideal setting for us to enjoy. First I experienced your surroundings through your eyes and soul, and then I thought of my morning place of solitude, and felt bliss and peace! Thank you for sharing your poetic talent. (I have chimes like yours, too! Plus a similar set that is LARGE, and a small set of shell chimes!)