Tuesday, July 15, 2014



Poetry breathes
from the heart's
pulsating rhythms
recycling words,
making sense.

It translates
from linear
to airy light
seen and felt
by humble super-heroes
who dive
into empty spaces
of fear
to rescue truth.

(Written for Dverse Poets, celebrating 3 years of success.)


  1. ha...choosing to inhale...well, not bill clinton...ha....
    it is in many ways a breathing out so others can breathe in...
    love the picture too...smiles.

    happy anniversary!

  2. Oh, yes, this poem is its own truth!

  3. poetry breathing from the heart... i love that image...makes it so pulsating and alive and giving those that want the opportunity if they wanna inhale and how deep as well... thanks for being around and thanks for being you myrna - i really appreciate you

  4. Super heroes, I like that ~

    Thank you for your words Myrna ~

  5. I think it was the ancient Chinese who said that poetry was the language of the heart. And how right they were.

  6. So cool that you focus on the courage behind writing and posting poems, Myrna.

  7. Courage indeed is needed to open yourself to the world. Yet, we must do it fearlessly and as you say it is that which we breathe through to take from and give back to the world. Well done!

  8. We are rescuers in a way...or historians, but mostly interpreters, as you say so well in this poem.

  9. Refreshing way of thinking of poetry...and yes, one needs to be brave.

  10. I like the idea of translating life from linear to airy light. I never thought of a poet as a superhero, but I can relate to diving "into empty spaces / of fear / to rescue truth."

  11. i like the idea that, although we recycle words, they are still as good as new when we poets use them again and make sense when it matters.

  12. "who dive into empty spaces of fear to rescue truth" - what a wonderful description of poetry! Loved it.