Sunday, June 22, 2014


I have a friend who interprets happenings.
A leaky faucet, a dead lawn, a fire
can cause a search
for depth analysis of meaning.
Makes me wonder

nightly, two little birds cuddle on my courtyard lamp.
Their eyes beaming trust, innocence,
magnetizing my heart.
I stare,                                      
perceiving their calm, fearless comfort
contradicting expectation.
Aren't they supposed to flee?
Or do they know

How did another bird get into my kitchen?
Flying from place to place            
seemingly wanting to stay,
to forgo his freedom,
explore human play.
I forced him sadly to fly away.

Why did law enforcers become early birds
trying to catch green worms,
by mailing me next year's calendar
replete with pictures of feathered rainbows that chirp?

Would my friend strive to find
what birds symbolize in my life,
or would she think, like me,
that mystery can be spice,
just a slice of something nice.

(Sorry I haven't been around again.  I've been moving back to my old house.  It's nice being back home.  Maybe the birds are just welcoming me.)

(Submitted to Poetry Pantry at Poets United.)


  1. I am glad you are happy to be back in your former house. I enjoyed your bird poem. I would say that it is probably more important to enjoy what life sends you than try to analyze it at all costs. I like the idea of mystery being a spice in one's life.
    Thank you for your kind words about my photos. I enjoyed sharing them.

  2. i think sometimes the birds are messengers...perhaps they are someone taking a peak in on you from beyond even...maybe you have given them no reason to fear...interesting to think on...maybe they are just welcoming you home...smiles.

  3. I would like to believe its a welcome song for you ~ Speaking of birds, there's a bird nest above our entrance, looking so fragile yet strong to withstand summer heat and rain ~ I wonder why here of all places ~

    Have a good week Myrna ~

  4. Some birds do settle in a yard - we have many - including a huge flock of mourning doves - our yard is very bird-friendly and full of birdsong. They must be happy you have moved back in and there is life around the place once more! It must be so lovely to be home, Myrna. As I like to keep my doors open, I often find a hummingbird fluttering at my window. I cup them gently and set them free outdoors - but for the few seconds I have that tiny presence in my hands, it is very precious.

  5. what beautiful happenings...they have found a peaceful abode i guess..enjoy their company...

  6. Oh, I enjoyed this as I am a bird watcher and I believe birds can be messengers, In my own life when I see a hawk I know that he has shown up for a reason. I was out yesterday and saw one circling the sky. I think the birds are a good sign and are
    welcoming you home.

  7. I loved your thoughts of birds, Myrna. Beautiful images in your poem. Let's say it will bring you good luck to have those two birds cuddling on your courtyard lamp! I like that idea.

  8. Nice bird poem and welcome back Myrna! Have had a tiny hummingbird built its nest at the patio twice in the past months. It was perfectly attached to a small branch and swayed in the winds. Old folks contend it would bring luck. More importantly the birds felt safe having the nests there. That must be the reason there were birds at your house too! Great write!


  9. Ah.. what wonderful thoughts of birds.. they are normally so shy, so when we get close it's like a mystery... Good that they found a bird-friend to befriend..

  10. That's GOOD. Love this trail of birds leading from questioning to wonder!

  11. Yes darling you're returning to your nest after a flight. I hope you realise how your poetry becomes more and more beautiful over time.