Tuesday, May 6, 2014


(Been gone for a while.  Childcare and life kept me pretty busy.  Though a little tired, I'm so happy for the opportunity to create a deeper bond with my grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law. Now I'm glad to be home with hubby, doggies and my routines.  And I'm especially glad to reconnect with you.)

Six month old granddaughter and I spent many shared meditative moments in the back yard.

Sometimes, I sat with you
within the noisy silence of laughing
trees, their rustling leaves tickled by the wind,
waving at us, approving the scene
of loud, happy birds singing to the sun,
paralyzed lizards staring at our movement,
as our eyes beamed love that interlocked
creating smiles for no reason,
except that there we were.

Sometimes, I'd wonder about you,
absorbing earthly images creating
wordless thoughts, replacing
blank memories with an awakening
into this dream of life called real.

Sometimes, sadly, unliving the moment,
my mind wandered from the magic
of that intimate, beautiful present.
Told me I may be happier elsewhere,
other things, the ones I've identified,
wanted, dreamed, or already experienced
as comfortable cocoon of habit.

Now I smile, grateful
for the gift of you,
for the wise flow
that created, allowed
our connection,
for our shared time
which in spite of my flighty mind,
was nothing
but perfection.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.)

(I had a little trouble with my domain name.  My address has now reverted back to mydailyspirit.blogspot.com.  I think you may have to resubscribe to my blog, if you want to receive posts in your email.  Sorry for any inconvenience.)


  1. woot!!! great to have you back myrna!!!
    sounds like you had a wonderful time with your granddaughter and fam - such precious shared moments... and she's such a cute baby...

  2. the tenderness of sitting beneath the trees sounds like a perfect bliss...

  3. Quality time with the ones we love does not always need words, Myrna. You have evoked these special moments beautifully.

  4. Those moments shared with grandchildren are the best possible moments, times which go way too fast and can never be repeated. It is wonderful that you had this time of connection, Myrna.

  5. What a lovely time to create memories with your precious granddaughter ~ She is lovely & so cute ~ Happy to be reconnecting with you Myrna ~

  6. i can think of little better places to share with those little ones than out there among the trees...the trees waving at you as they play...and seeing their awakening to the world around them...it is a bit of magic...

  7. Ah yes, living in and enjoying the moment is hard sometimes, isn't it? We often think we have something 'better' to do, than just 'being'. A lovely poem - the sense of the trees' approval is lovely.

  8. What a beautiful and happy little granddaughter! I love this poem - the laughing trees, the birds....and how your time with her was perfection.

  9. I am a young father and my little princess is just the same smiles. Such a lovable, beautiful piece you have here. Smiles.

  10. burbling, tasting, laughing, discovering - time wisely invested

  11. love this celebration of a wonder-moment with the trees and birds surrounding and taking part....lovely lines :)