Wednesday, February 19, 2014


(Photobucket - jlane 23)

Last night I dreamed
of a place belonging to no one,
designated for Olympic wars
fought in stadiums,
in mountains, unaffiliated lands,
by warriors trained
for games determining
fittest, most powerful,
strongest, supremely disciplined,
fastest, smartest, sharpest
superior, most powerful
athlete/country in the world.

"A good idea," I thought.
Not a totally bloodless war.
(Enough sacrifice, broken backs and more
to satisfy anyone's need for gore.)

World leaders filed in, trying
to trip each other.
(Understandable to want a better seat.)
This took 9 hours.

President Obama refused
to sit next to President of Kenya.
Visibly he cringed in protestation
knowing the dreadful implication.

French President Hollande complained
could he not sit
with one of his mates.

The Pope ran across the field,
in unPopely manner,
to sit with the children
and someone he knew
who's still poor.

Castro ignored the signs.
Smoked his cigar anyway.

The Ayatollah coughed then slipped
slapping President Karzai's face.

Peace was too late.
A fight ensued. Contagious
cancer spread to the people.
Athlete warriors joined in.
What choice did they have?
but to defend... whatever
cause infected all.

I woke up uncertain.
Awful dream.
Leaders leading
by example?

(Submitted to Poetry Jam.)


  1. All I can say is I love the pope... he is such a source of hope (rhyme intended, corny as it may sound).

  2. no i dont know that our leaders lead by example or that they would....
    peace was too late....a rather sad state huh?

  3. What an astute dream, Myrna. I am envious you can remember your dreams. I never can.

    1. Sherry. I don't remember either. I was using poetic license here. As I told Laurie, I was in a strange mood. I was trying to be funny, tongue in cheek but I think this came off as very negative.

  4. To funny that Castro smoked his Cuban cigars regardless of "No Smoking" signs!

  5. Well, ha....I am glad it was just a dream. I would guess when Fidel wants to smoke he smokes. (smiles) And the Pope...I'm with Laurie...what a breath of fresh air!

  6. I do not think I ever dream of famous people so I was amused at the interactions and scenes in your poem! I too like the Pope. I think it is good to see one who does what he preaches to others.

  7. Good thing when you woke up it was not true.

  8. oh heck myrna - what a dream - the olympics and politics - it is def. interwoven - honor and money and what it brings along..

  9. Quite a humorous piece and written so tastefully , i couldn 't image the pope in an 'unpopely ' mannerntill now


    Much love

  10. A lot of hidden depth and hope in this, it tells a story of a world separated.

  11. That is no dream. It is the sort of nightmare which haunts me for days...

  12. Nicely done indeed..thanks for sharing this

  13. Ha! Now that's what I call an exciting dream! Very vivid, humorous... and sad, of course, because so true to life.

  14. So sad the state of the world and its leadership. I am glad this was only a nightmare. Lots to think about here though.

  15. Myrna, so often the minions end up in the fray to assuage leader's egos, when will they ever learn, appreciated your humor too :-)

  16. My goodness ... you had a dream of epic proportion! And wrote about it so well ...

  17. "I dreamed of the animal fair, the birds and bees were there"

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  18. Ha I liked the Pope story

    And someone he knew who's still poor...LOL

  19. A lot of truth in this nightmare.