Thursday, February 6, 2014


Close your eyes, be still.
I'll sing you a song you can dream
'bout a boy who lives in a boat that flies
though often it floats on a stream.
Now this boy's special in many ways
'cause once he swallowed a moonbeam.

He likes candy, cake, ice of cream,
cotton and cocoa that melts with steam,
colorful gummies that make him gleam,
honey and sugar that make him scream.

He likes to dance, to shake his booty
sometimes so much he goes kapputy.
He gets cooties when he's snooty.
He even smells a little fruity.
But his heart is made from goody
beating to the sound of beauty.

At night this little boy must sleep,
Being quiet without a peep.
He'll dream of stars he hopes to keep.
For now, this little song's complete.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets where we're prompted to write lyrics.)

A part of my grandson's bedtime ritual is that he requests "a song from your lips". This means he wants a made-up song, new each time.  I'll be seeing him next week, and I'll try this one on him.  The last song he always asks for is Silent Night, which his mother sings beautifully.  Grandma doesn't sing very well.


  1. Oh, your grandson will really enjoy this song, Myrna. How nice that he wants you to make up songs for him...and that you do just that.

  2. What a cute lullaby.. I hope he get those stars in his dream... Loved the cadence in the sonf.

  3. What a beautiful source of inspiration. Loved your poem/song.

    Greetings from London.

  4. How wonderful....I always sang the same one, kumbaya, and did not do it very well. He will remember them always.
    Especially like the swallowing a moonbeam and the gummies ;)

  5. Very pleasant. I don't have children myself--thank you--but it seems a great source of inspiration for you. >KB

  6. awww...i think this is a wonderful song to sing to a little one myrna...its got a nice magic to it, in the boat that flies....the middle verse is fun, shaking the booty...ha..i bet he loves that....

  7. Goodness, he smells fruity & beating to the sounds of beauty ~ That's a nice ritual Myrna, and it reminded me of my daughter's younger years when she wanted to sing & dance to pop music ~ Very nice one ~


  8. I think lullabies contain the most love of all the songs.

  9. Hypnosis of love

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    =^..^= <3

  10. Lovely Myrna, my kids when they were little used to ask me to sing to them but i think it was the entertainment of my poor singing that they enjoyed.

  11. Oh my goodness, how wonderful is this? A new song from Grandma';s lips every time? I bow to you! I wish your husband would sneak a camera in while you sing this one to him, and that then you blogged the look on his face. It would be priceless! (and should be preserved, in any case)

  12. oh your grandson will love it myrna... so cool that you sing for him and that you invent all those songs... that is just so cool

  13. Oh how nice! You are such a darling to be connecting with him this way. How much fun it is! Wonderful words from wonderful grandma!


  14. I somehow started singing this to When Irish Eyes Are Smiling… I am possibly odd though. How adorable that he wants to hear a song from your lips. Lovely little rhyme Myrna.

  15. What a beautiful request he has asked of you… and a magical song you have to offer!

  16. How wonderful. I can see reading this to children. It is so magical with wonderful imagery.