Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Beauty bargain.
I tended you.
Easy, to care for helpless newness.
Sweet, delicately fragrant softness,
a kiss blown through dimensions,
landing in my sphere
as blessing.

I heard your silent needs,
your thirst, your preference
for the one spot where sun
triggered creation, expanding
buds bursting red blood,
greeting me each morning.

But life ... cradles death,
each change an ending,
you resisted, got ugly, dry
in new spot you didn't chose or like.
But, I tended you.

Patience, love, time
stimulate resilience.
Strong again, no price tag
can equate your value.
You are you

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.)


  1. Love hibiscus. I've been there. >KB

  2. nice metaphor...i like the relief in the end....i got a bit scared when the spot moved...the end though...in understanding their value...made me smile.

  3. oh what a beautiful metaphor as well... there are def. things and people in life that need our special care and patience and vision that they will be able to blossom and be beautiful again some day. you do have the heart of a shepherd myrna - i'm serious - i see this in you

  4. Excellent. One of my core beliefs is that you have to take care of another living being... and this includes flowers. I stand in awe of the beauty of flowers - their beauty is priceless.

  5. TLC works every time... well, almost every time.

  6. How very beautiful. Poem, metaphor and plant. Thank you.

  7. Life does indeed cradle death. I think we realize this more and more as we age. I like the optimism in the ending..the smiling. Sometimes we just have to do just that....no matter what we feel.

  8. How lovely when love & nurturing is given ~ The metaphor and picture are striking Myrna ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  9. Deep, ancient, meaningful!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  10. That is a great price and it looks amazing.

  11. Can you come to my house? I didn't get the green thumb gene and could use some help! This was lovely...beautiful bloom.

  12. . . . and I find myself smiling too.

  13. A little tlc goes a long way and less you have to pay

  14. Wish I could say the same of my Bonzai Azaela. Poor poor pretty plant.


  15. I love this poem - and the story it tells - SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! And look how she rewards you with her blooms!!

  16. Watching the growth from bud to opening is always a miracle to me. Beautiful write. Very nurturing to the soul.

  17. Oh I love how you did this... Works both with the hibiscus and the metaphor level.

  18. Oh, I wish I could hear the silent needs of plants... unfortunately, much though I love to look at them, I always seem to either drown them or let them die of thirst... Lovely verses and pictures!