Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Desert

A view of the Rio Grande River

Even the water's thirsty.
It thinks it sees moisture
in mirage of earth's green grass.
Dry twigs, like old brittle bones
praise the sun, hoping
adoration will make it stop
evaporating clouds.

The desert lives
like a shriveled dream
in stagnant arid fumes.
No one likes to wait,
yet that's all it does
protecting precious secret.
When to be revealed?
a secret too.

"If you tell me what you know
I promise you'll bloom."
I lie to it.
But time has made it wise
like shifting grains of sand.

All it ever says is,
"Wait with me."

(Submitted to DVerse Poets.)


  1. the desert for me is a place of great honesty...of stripping things down to the base...of finding the base...think that's why jesus spent times in the desert... love the personification and the convo

  2. teaching us patience...that water will come in its time...and life survives and even thrives in the harshest of environs...

  3. If one lives in the desert, I think, one must be prepared to wait... A desert needs to be patient. And yes, the desert is wise, like shifting grains of sand.

  4. Wait with me, I like that ~ Some things can't be hurried along when its not ready to be revealed ~ This can apply to people too ~ Good one Myrna ~

  5. Wow. Powerful, beautiful and true. Thank you.
    And how beautiful when the desert does rush into bloom after the rare and precious rain.

  6. The desert holds mystery and it thirsts for water is much like mans thirst from the well of life.

  7. Beautiful as always, Myrna! (I think I owe you an e-mail. I promise to go through my mail tomorrow and try to catch up!)

  8. Have to sit and wait, geez, at least the cat has plenty of places to go in the giant litterbox known as the desert lol

  9. I really loved the desert when I have visited it .. and I don't think it can be fooled... and everything is thought around waiting... a great observation.

  10. i love the thought of the desert saying 'wait with me.' i also love the personification you breathe into nature, making an intimate portrait of the overlooked world around us.