Sunday, January 12, 2014


Jose Rosa

"What should we do?" he asks,
to honor milestone of our beginning,
to revive day of compressed happiness
indelibly recorded in our minds.
But no day can be relived.
Each day is a mix of all
contained in hours.

"Nothing. Let's just be
together." I say,
knowing happiness is process
of graceful confrontation
with love, hate, fear and courage.
It doesn't hinge on perfection,
or the heightened sensitivities
of one moment,
rather a creative flow within
the composite called life.

Today is as special as then.
We vowed our decision unaware,
future is a present
opened by time
containing joy, fun, tragedies too.

After so many years,
we've learned
change never stops,
nor does our greed for more.

Today, everyday
we exchange smiles,
our vow is new.

(Submitted to Poets United.)

(It's Anniversary day.  We decided to do nothing special - no need. There's something special everyday.  We're so grateful.)  


  1. happy anniversary myrna!!!! (and hubs) and being together is the need for frills...smiling at every day being special...

  2. oh nice.... congrats on your wedding anniversary... beautiful thoughts....
    ...future is a present
    opened by time
    containing joy, fun, tragedies too.... i like that... no need to romantasize things... a marriage can be hard work and contains of all kinds of mosaic... and in it reflects much beauty..

  3. knowing happiness is process
    of graceful confrontation

    loved that line...

  4. Excellent, happiness in vows exchanged and loving commitment. Beautiful

  5. Happy anniversary, kiddo. It is wonderful to have such rightness, to know it, and to be grateful. Lovely.

  6. What fabulous writing about something so special and something to be treasured everyday.

  7. This is very touching, Myrna. It is wonderful, after so many years, that you still consider your relationship special. I commend you for your attitude & for making EACH day special. Happy anniversary.

  8. How sweet, lovely poem. Happy Anniversary :)

  9. Happy Anniversary..hope you enjoy some togetherness. it doesn't hinge on perfection so true..

  10. Happy anniversary to you both ~ Each day is special, believe me, when you have been together for so long ~ Cheers ~

  11. Myrna,

    After a certain number of years together, one gets to recognize everything that makes those vows stronger...Daily living sees to that most of the time!!!

  12. Happy Anniversary. And I love your philosophy. So real, so powerful.

  13. Very wise not to stop the flow, to keep it alive. ANd such a poem! It takes me into the learning of that truth and the joy of an anniversary that is forever renewing. Have a happy!

  14. How very sweet Myrna! While change is constant feelings of endearment stay pure. Very refeshing!


  15. Let's just be together. What a beautiful phrase and what a beautiful poem. Many thanks. Have a nice anniversary.

    Greetings from London.

  16. 41 years you still enjoy being together, you still have that romance, that love. That alone is rare enough that the whole world should be celebrating for you. Congratulations May you enjoy another 41.

  17. Happy, happy Anniversary to you, Myrna (and Hubby)!!! May you reap more happiness together in life & stay in love everyday... smiles....