Monday, December 30, 2013


(She's wearing her big brother's first Christmas pj's)
Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, better known as Ian, unwraps his last treasure.

Christmas, unwrapping gifts, the baby full of cuteness, serene in spite of her brother's uncontrollable joyous screams when he discovers his big wheel hidden behind the tree, the adults exchange gifts sometimes faking joy at the choices loved ones made, like an eggnog flavored wine, or gizmo as seen on TV that doesn't do half of what it claimed, a mess of ribbon and paper, hugs, huge breakfast, fun.

Next few days a whirl, phone calls to relatives far away, more cooking, eating, hurray the baby slept through the night, daughter and husband ecstatic, a stop at Starbucks, a call, the vet informs Daisy's surgery confirms she has cancer, tears, we go to movies, watch "Frozen".

Return home to New Mexico, see mother-in-law at the nursing home, recovering well from last fall, still packing her stuff nightly to go 'home', someone gave her a sweat shirt and pants - funny, resume routines, enjoy the quiet, daughter calls - a woman she knows killed her own child,                               shock,       grief,           I walk Leroy, talk to people at the dog park, hubby bakes bread and pies.

Leroy and Daisy

The dogs sleep, oblivious, I sit, finally try to write, my husband the clown flows before me dancing, making his eyebrows rapidly rise and fall (like life), he wears a mischievous smile,

I laugh.

Happy New Year Everybody!!!


  1. first...i LOVE all the pics...the baby...luke cool...and leroy and daisy...and i'm so sorry to hear that daisy has cancer...hugs... my you have been busy for much things to laugh and cry life.. love that you got some time to write finally... and that hubs made you laugh... there's much beauty in this... and your heart shines through in every line... i wish you a wonderful start into the new year myrna... and really appreciate your being around in're one of the bright stars for me up there...

  2. Lucky we have clown husbands! Pain and ecstasy mingle in this life! Yes indeed. My kitty passed of cancer. Holding her in her last seconds haunts me, but we oiwe them care for life. Don't put her or yourself through heroics. Just feel the gratitude, and the tears, and go on celebrating life, my dear sister,


  3. oh my gosh...killed her own child...that just tears me up myrna....
    aww...cute pups...sorry on the cancer..ugh...cancer sucks...its touched too many in my life....luke skywalker, cool with kids makes it all the better....i hope you have a wonderful new year myrna

  4. Life is such a mish mash isn't it? Love, laughter, tragedy and tears. And the love and the laughter give me the backbone to face and sometime conquer the tragedy and the tears. Hugs.

  5. Oh, Myrna, this is Life - all of it, the joy, the sorrow, the shock, the grief, the ordinaryness, the total shock..........your life is full to the brim, my friend. I am so sorry to hear about Daisy - Leroy will endure his own grief when that time comes, as dogs do. What a gorgeous baby granddaughter, what a wonderful grandson (he is growing so fast!)....what a wonderful husband. All will be well, with people in your life like those. Sigh. What a lovely visit I just had with you.

  6. you stitch the mish mash of moments so seamlessly. you write of life. i also enjoyed the photos:) so many gifts and blessings to you in 2014:)

  7. I wish you the best of new year's, my friend!