Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I forgot about new things.
A butterfly learning it has wings,
a newborn calf standing so soon,
a puppy's first smell of mother,
a kitten's first taste of milk.

I forgot the first snowflake that flew in my eyes,
the squishy mushy feel in my first fist of wet earth,
how I thought the breeze a gentle hand
how I couldn't decide if I liked or not
my first scent of rain.

What's it like for you? So new
to loving touch, unmuffled sounds, so many smells.
Holding you, I know you'll remind me of many new things
as I watch closely the joys of your discoveries.
I know too, I'll never forget
my first sight of you, new.

(I welcome my baby granddaughter born last Thursday. She's beautiful (no bias here.), healthy, and a real joy for the whole family. I've been gone - helping out as grandmas tend to do. Nice to be back for a while.)


  1. Congratulations, Myrna. Now your world will double in joy. And how lucky to have a granddaughter AND a grandson, one of each. Wonderful news. Enjoy every milky moment. Newborns are pure magic. I long for a baby granddaughter of my own.

  2. Congratulations, Myrna!! Welcome to the world, sweet little girl!

  3. Congratulations - to you, to the parents. to the new joy in the world.

  4. oh nice...congrats on your baby granddaughter .... love how a new life always gets us reflective about our own childhood...the emotions and first's... smell of rain.. love it myrna....and i can imagine what a wonderful grandmother you are...smiles

  5. Oh, how lovely, both the event itself and your poem about it.

  6. How sweet.. and many congrats.. new life is pure joy. lovely

  7. yay congratulations on the family addition...that is awesome...and the one will def enrich your life and open your eyes to plenty of new things...smiles....they def teach us much...

  8. may blessings flow, an abundance of love and joy!

  9. Congrats on the new kiddo to your sea, sure she will be lots of fun for thee

  10. Oh, congratulations, Myrna! I'm so happy for you and the entire family. A new little baby girl. :)
    And another beautifully written poem by you for her. I hope you're going to put it in her baby book!

  11. Congratulations dear Myrna. New things are always fun and wonderful to behold. I think of the first time I stepped by here.

    Joy always,