Wednesday, November 13, 2013



Have you thought about your last poem?
The one you'll finish in air
when you cease to care
for rhyme, reason or form?
It'll contain all of you,
letting go of you
into the sweet night
where stars, like words
recite, celebrate unique masterpiece,
the only one that ever was

As you compose it now, consider
essence, content, rhythm
of how you want your last poem to flow.
Let it be heavy with substance,
a footprint on fresh snow,
but lighthearted, untethered
valentine balloon rising,
swallowed by clouds.

As your last poem breathes you
whenever that day comes
you won't even strive for comments
that confirm or gently deny talent.
You'll be satisfied, complete.
You lived your poem,
it was art.

(Submitted to Poetry Jam.)


  1. Wow, Myrna...this really gives me food for thought. We never really know when we will write our last poem, do we? I do think sometime as well that life is poetry, poetry is life. And I like the idea of life as art.

  2. all of us def wish This last poem to be heavy with to be in that sweet night where stars like words recite and celebrate to remind that i've lived my poem....... lovely thoughts and some unforgettable lines...very nicely crafted.

  3. ha. yes. maybe on that last day we will realize what is more important...and just let poetry be...and hope for sure you lived that poem to the best of your ability...smiles.

  4. that poem that is our life...that is us...and yes..we won't care for rhythm, rhyme, comments then... it will just be what it is and what's the sum or maybe the essence of us...

  5. Very thought provoking. Really donot know what will happen to our blogs once we are know dead.

  6. Thought provoking. I hope to disappear into a rainbow. Colour and magic.

  7. yeah. JUST that way!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  8. This was a bit pensive and gloomy, Myrna. I wonder what made you think of this. and no one ever knows what and when it will be the last. I guess one should write every single one as if it's the last.

    Joy always,

  9. you lived your poem - love this, life is in the way we convey our inner thoughts.

  10. Great title with your poem! Hoping to feel that contentment and satisfaction - on a day that is far, far away though!

  11. So true Myrna ~ This filled me with smiles and light hearted thoughts ~ Thank you ~

  12. Lovely words and a stark reminder that the words we write today ... the words we speak today ... could be our last. We need to make them count.

  13. "You lived your poem. It was art." Fantastic! That is the gift the blogosphere gives us - it keeps us writing, we produce more poetry than we otherwise might, and we leave behind our work - and it was art! LOVE this poem. One of your best - it lifts right off the page, with an answering rise in my heart.

  14. This is wonderful -- full of things to think about and vivid images as well. Hmmm…my last poem. Guess I better make each one everything it can be!

  15. Beautifully done. Stars like words. Essences. Breath and life and memory. I loved it.

  16. Lovely, Myrna... something to think about.