Saturday, September 28, 2013


Claudia want us to use a painting as inspiration.
This is the art of Catrin Welz-Stein,

"There's no soar in what you're about to do.
More like a slow rise, dispersing
tiny pieces of what was you
into welcoming ethers, waiting.

I watch you, waiting too.
No longer afraid
of heights,
as gravity loosens its grip,
letting you go."

These are his thoughts
as he sits before her,
staring at the wall.

An invisible machine loops invisible rope
around his left foot making it tap, tap, tap.
Like the sound of sadness tapping
before it explodes.

She lays still,
hearing only a silent speaker teach.
Slowly, silently she's learning
how to fly.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets and Poets United.)

My husband waits patiently.  His mother seems very weak, not eating, detaching from everyone and everything.  Doctor insists on still trying one more thing before initiating Hospice care.


  1. hugs on your husbands hard...reminds me of the last days of my MIL...
    the verse has a nice magic to it...learning to fly...maybe those first few bits are what is waiting on us....

  2. This is beautiful. Sending peace and comfort to your, your husband and his mother.

  3. Kind of a sad story, illness is hard to capture in verse. You have done a good job.

  4. This is beautiful and so evocative - the image captured in word form.

  5. A good ascension, devoutly desired.


  6. oh heck myrna...this one brought me to tears... so tough but so beautifully expressed..hugs to you and your husband

  7. This was very touching... and I read it several times just to get how well you captured the feeling of waiting for a dear one to depart. Especially the ties of that first stanza to the picture is so good.

  8. Myrna, this is very sad; but it really gives a vivid picture of the 'letting go' process of both the one passing & the one who is left behind. Losing a mother is hard.

  9. First read, I didn't see just sorrow and death, but rebirth. After reading your note, I still appreciated the hope in learning to fly!

  10. A moving and heartfelt moment ~ Learning to let go, learning to fly, we are humbled by these lessons ~

    Sending hugs to your family ~


  11. That closing is heartrending...and yet if at the end we do sprout wings...

  12. sad, very moving yet very comforting too specially for the one who is leaving as she's surrounded by the dear ones.......a sight becoming a rarity these days......and such loss can offer no solace for those left behind........

  13. It's hard to capture the waiting. You give motion to the art of letting go, --J.lynn

  14. beautiful, caring & powerful write - I was reminded of my mother's final days, the silent communion between her and myself as she readied herself to go

  15. A very personal and poignant poem to thus painting Myrna! "Slowly, silently she's learning/how to fly." I like this gentle line.

  16. Beautiful poem, Myrna - good luck with all. k.

  17. Oh goodness me. I have been there. Watching, waiting, wishing, all the 'if onlys' and 'what might have beens', worrying, waiting, waiting... I know. I thought about my dad, learning to let go, silently, behind closed eyelids. He went, eventually, just after I had whispered to him that it was OK to let go, we would be OK. This is an absolutely beautiful poem.

  18. Myrna, this is a fabulous and wise poem. I am so sorry for this passage, so difficult for loved ones, but love that she is now "listening to a silent speaker teach" and that she is learning to fly. She is getting ready to lift off for a most glorious voyage. The harder journey is that of those left behind. I send you a hug, and feel free to pass it on to your husband.

  19. Myrna,

    A sad place to be with the care and the considerations of treatments for a much loved one. A difficult position with one's choices and tasks ahead...
    I wish your family well during these difficult times Myrna.


  20. It's sad Myrna! Been through this a few times before. The seeing of life slowly wasting away and it involved my loved ones. One can only feel for them through sympathies and loving care at times when close by them. Great take, so poignantly written!


  21. Love and care that is all one can do. At least you are there.

  22. slowly, silently she's learning how to fly

    ...and somehow we learn too. A very poignant, soft, patient poem.

  23. A very beautiful and moving response to the picture. Very poignant words. Wishing you all God's blessing at this difficult time.

  24. What a difficult time. My heart goes out to your husband.

  25. Darlin it's so long since I've been in the sorry your family is going through this difficult time...your poem is exquisite....

  26. I'm so sorry Myrna, it has been a long road, I know. I'll say a prayer for peace for all of you this evening.