Sunday, September 22, 2013


Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
Mesilla Park, New Mexico 2012

She thought she was dead. Not a zombie
like those portrayed, but like a book unread,
yearning for his eyes to see her inside,
digest her story, caress, curl her spine,
turn her pages until the end, when
she'd dwell in his mind.

Thirty Five
Dead alone in the night, afraid of monsters sucking
her light, their weight burying her under blame
for marriage that died, for her children -
mouths open wide, eyes watching to see how on earth
one dies in motion, doing, doing as if alive.

Taking the hood off his head, death smiles then digs. He stole her son. Death's shovel creates an agonizing space in her heart. "Your grave," he says. She jumps in but her hatred emits thick gunk
trapping her

until a late age when death dies within her.
Empty, there's room for new life.

Eighty Five
She sits quietly sipping memory tea talking to Life. "I'm so glad you followed my living deaths and didn't kill me. Thank you," she says.
"You're welcome," Life says. "But don't you know?
Death is the other side of my face. We're always.
together. You saw Death then turned my head and confronted Life.

Ninety Six
She lays still as Life gradually twists
its face sharing a smile with death.

(Submitted to Poets United and Dverse Poets.)


  1. Myrna this was an interesting look at a life. I think you captured the different moments well. Also just to let you know I have used some of those words you so generously allowed me to use. Best>KB

  2. Love this take on death as the flip side of life. And how welcome it can be.
    Thank you.

  3. wow...what a journey eh...some of it familiar...i like the wanting to be read up front....i like the turning the head to confront life...all the little deaths and the choosing of life along the way...well played myrna...

  4. Wow, deep and powerful. Life and death, the two sides of one face. Just love this.

  5. I like the life's journey, the twist of life and death, capture of those challenges in our lives ~ Beautiful story here Myrna ~

  6. I don't know how to comment on poetry correctly. but I wanted you to know that I'm reading and smiling. (I'm stuck on 85 - "I'm so glad you followed my living deaths and didn't kill me...")

  7. I do think that as one ages one find one comes to terms with death in one's own way. I like the learning at 50, when death dies within her and there is room for new life. I think we do need to find a way to go on despite having had encounters with death of one sort or another. We have to be ready to allow new life in. I like the learning at age 85 -- that the opposite side of LIFE is DEATH. Actually the two go hand in hand, and one cannot have one without the other. And at 96, I would guess one would be ready to share a smile with death. It is time. A powerful write here, Myrna!

  8. Written by someone who has watched long lives played out and learned their lessons well. Powerful, Myrna. I, too, am grateful Life didnt kill me during those little deaths. A really powerful write!!!!!

  9. The maturity, narrative thread, and integration of this really excite me, Myrna

  10. oh wow myrna...they always go together... it gave me shivers somewhow to think of how close he always was and yet, it is good to remember..

  11. ah dear myrna... the mysteries we are living and dying and living and dying with in every moment... sad and beautiful.

  12. This is so well written and I agree haunting and beautiful. We all wait and carry our crosses...

  13. The picture was scary and the verse haunting. Loved the way you showed each phase of life/death.

    Joy always,