Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hubby. Reading in the Kithchen

It's so hard to give your love to one.
Better a spiritual, generic love
that includes everyone.

To love one may not be love at all,
could be impure
disguising itself in giving,
while only taking
attention, affection,
from another.
Absorbing thoughts, seeking
special private connection.
sparking reciprocal intention,
for equality, acceptance,
holy patience.
By its very nature
a process that begins
with imperfection.

But I want to learn
of singular pure love.
not just to give of me
But simply let you be
as ugly and beautiful
strong and weak,
courageous and afraid
as you are
who you are.

If time contains a million,
that's how often I'll rehearse.
If hope means changing
sacredness of Now,
how sacrilegious I'll be
to hope constant repetition
alters me.

So when I say I love you
I'm aiming for perfection,
not just trying.
As for everyone else,
I include them too.
They all exist
in you.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.)


  1. i'm not sure if that universal i love everything really exists...honestly...it's much more difficult to love the person next to you than someone who's somewhere outside of your reach - they don't get on your nerves by ruining your bathroom carpet or whatever - so i think it's good to focus on loving one person at a time - the partner, the people we deal with daily - family - not sure if this was where you were going but kinda took me in this direction..

  2. I agree with what Claudia has said. Sometimes it is easier to love 'humanity' than the one in one's midst. And what does loving really mean? Accepting that person as he/she is and all that he/she is, not wishing them to change at all in any way. And I think we have to keep practicing this love.

  3. interesting verse myrna...love is a word we overuse so much...i love hamburgers is not the same as loving my wife but can sound the same coming off the lips....the love shared in really knowing someone and knowing all their quirks and still loving them...that is a beautiful thing to me...and well worth learning...smiles...

  4. I believe to love another is take in the imperfections and let them be who they are ~ A challenge to do in real life as it takes a lot of work ~ Good to see you Myrna ~

  5. Your final one is the gold at the end of your rainbow words!:-)


  6. Intriguing poem and discussion in here tonight, kids.......made me think. I am better at doing the Loving Humanity than the quirky critters living close by, I suspect!

  7. They all exist
    in you.

    There's so much we see in a person so dear to us. Not a fault can be attributed to that wonderful person! Truly said Myrna!


  8. I love the line 'I'm aiming for perfection' - the hardest part of all is living with the inevitable imperfection, isn't it?
    I agree with some of the other comments - easier by far to love in the abstract than to love singly, in flawed individual trappings.

  9. I do love those last lines, ties this thought provoking verse up very nicely.

  10. i wonder if we have the same love for one and for all. finding that love, i guess you got to want it, and that means facing imperfection and living with it.

  11. Thought provoking and a great write.

  12. Loving one requires a heart I simply do not have. Thank you for this poem.

  13. "They all exist in you". I love that last line and the feeling it triggers. Many thanks, I enjoyed your poem a lot.

    Greetings from London.

  14. "If hope means changing
    sacredness of Now,
    how sacrilegious I'll be
    to hope constant repetition
    alters me." wow... just wow.

  15. I don't love everyone, and I don't believe that anyone does. This is partly because I don't believe that love can exist apart from vulnerability, and how can one be vulnerable to the whole world?